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International Schools CyberFair Project Narrative
Title: The luminary of design in Taiwan--Apex Lin Pang-Soong
Category: 1. Local Leaders

School: Xinsheng Elementary School
    Taipei, , Taiwan

9 students, ages 10-12 worked together to complete this CyberFair project on March 11, 2013. They have participated in CyberFair in the following year(s): 2011

Classes and Teachers: Cheng Hung Tsai

E-Mail contact:

Our School's Web Site:

Project Overview

1. Description of Our Community

Mr. Apex Pang-Soong Lin was born in 1957 in a small town called Tungkang in Pingtung county, Taiwan. Mr. Lin’s father was one of the most important photographers in Taiwan, he was very open minded and he paid much attention in educating his own children. Lin’s father was fond of listening to classical music at home, the melodious music was quite unusual in such a fishing village at the time. It often attracted people around to stop by and listen, friends and family gathered together to chat about arts. Mr. Lin’s second older brother, Wan-Yen Lin, he even founded an art club. Growing up in an environment which was surrounded by different types of art works and activities, such as temple fairs, it opened up Mr. Lin’s view and he started designing. After graduating from the Fine Arts school from the Normal University in Taiwan, he puts into practices to promote art designs in education, in practical uses and in extension to the general population. Working at the field for over thirty years, Mr. Apex Pang-Soong Lin acknowledges with Harvard University’s school motto “You can’t choose where you are born but you can choose where your heart belongs”. Mr. Lin’s native homeland is Tungkang, a fishing village by the ocean in beautiful Taiwan-Formosa, but his heart belongs to the beauty of arts and the love to design. Professor Apex Pang-Soong Lin’s series of works, “My Taiwan”, have touched so many people’s heart including ours. He has turned his loves to his native homeland over into pieces of paintings that tell lots of memorable and vivid stories of this beautiful island to the world.

2. Summary of Our Project

Mr. Apex Pang-Soong Lin has been devoted himself to creation of art design. We agree with his words: “Taiwan is really beautiful. I’m not a supporter of selfish departmentalism, but I insist that we should start from Taiwan’s local culture first. Then we can extract other cultures’ essence. In this way, we can develop different horizons and perspective of design!” We are also touched that Mr. Apex Pang-Soong Lin uses local style of craft to present new visual views and brings Taiwan to the international stage by design. We want to explore the following questions: 1.What makes Mr. Apex Pang-Soong Lin be willing to delicate himself to art designs in education, in practical uses and in extension to the general population for more than thirty years? 2.How does Mr. Apex Pang-Soong Lin integrate local culture into design work? 3.In the process of creation, did Mr. Apex Pang-Soong Lin encounter bottleneck? How did he break through the bottleneck? 4.What are Mr. Apex Pang-Soong Lin’s suggestions for those people who have dreams? Our study methods include observation, interview and documental analysis. Besides interviewing Mr. Apex Pang-Soong Lin to better understand his views and creativity, we went to Kaohsiung to visit his exhibition, observe his works and creating process, and interview other audience in person. We also studied the related information about Mr. Apex Pang-Soong Lin, including books, websites and reports. We made the study process and result into the website “The luminary of design in Taiwan- Apex Pang-Soong Lin”. We recorded the process of creation and development to spread the software of Taiwan’s design. We also hope to tell everyone in the world by the power of internet that Taiwan’s modern design is full of beauty and values!

3. Our Computer and Internet Access

A. Percentage of students using the Internet at home:more than 50%

B. Number of workstations with Internet access in the classroom:2-3

C. Connection speed used in the classroom:dedicated connection

D. Number of years our classroom has been connected to the Internet:4-6

4. Problems We Had To Overcome

(1)Schedule arrangement It was such a difficulty in the process of inviting because Mr. Apex Pang-Soong Lin had a very full schedule. He was usually abroad. He accepted our interviews for five times within such a tight schedule. It was obvious that 20-hour interview was surely insufficient so we had to study Mr. Apex Pang-Soong Lin’s books attentively. (2)Interview skills There were few people in our team who had experiences of interviews. For elementary school students, interviewing is not an easy task. But we were lucky to have our parents. They helped us practice and stimulate the interviews for many times. With the assistance of listening to the tape-recording and watching the videos, we made progress step by step. (3)Webpage-making techniques Most of our teammates were novices in creating special topic web pages, so it was quite frustrating for us to write the program, lay out the webpage, and standardize the form and the size of the pictures. We could only improve by trial and error. (4)Complexity of the project The School Cyberfair not only focused on the result, it also emphasized on the process. From the interviews, recordings, paintings, photographing, program writing, editing to the final test for the website, we encountered tons of difficulties. In the process, we learned to plan schedules and follow the project to monitor our progress. Most importantly, we learned to record every important meeting and discussion as the basis of next assignment. (5)Final completion The biggest challenge was the final integration and the presentation of the website. If we had few problems that could not be solved, we would let our team leader to make the final decision or turn to our instructors for help. This project was the biggest assignment we have ever done, and it was also the homework we have learned the most.

5. Our Project Sound Bite

What we have learned: When the project was close to the end, we felt deeper and stronger. From the beginning, we started this project in October, 2012. It seemed at first that four months of preparation time was sufficient enough, but it turned out it was true at all. We needed to rewrite and rewrite, modify again and again, and design the website in every detail. But for those students who participated in this project, we really learned a lot from this contest. First, beside for assignment and examinations, we have always wanted to apply what we have learned in the computer lessons from the 3rd grade. Therefore, we really appreciated this opportunity for us to apply what we have learned. Also, teamwork made us feel closer, and we would have a wonderful memory in our childhood.

6. How did your activities and research for this CyberFair Project support standards, required coursework and curriculum standards?

When competing in a contest, our instructors and parents told us from the beginning of the project that we had to learn everything with our utmost: hold the meetings, monitor the schedule, do the charity, make questionnaire and survey, and even worksheets that related to the curriculum. As a result, we tried to apply what we have learned to other subjects. We combined and brought other subjects’ learning competences into full play. (1)Combination with curriculum of art This project made us understand the differences between tradition Chinese paintings, western paintings and visual design curriculum. After Mr. Apex Pang-Soong Lin’s explanation, we became more and more sensitive about the meaning and influence of a design chart. Besides, because we watched Soka Gakkai International’s report about Mr. Apex Pang-Soong Lin, we were so interested to perform the incidental music “If we open the window of our heart”. It was also one of Mr. Apex Pang-Soong Lin’s favorite songs. (2)Combination with curriculum of technology We usually use computers to surf the internet, use facebook, send emails, and play games. The purpose is for information and entertainment. But this time we transformed from users to designers. We had to learn a lot of software and hardware, including creating web pages, processing videos, using electronic products. We never learned these things before, and we had chance to learn this time. We had so much sense of achievement. (3)Combination with curriculum of social science With the guidance of instructors, we made good use of our three tools: worksheet, work schedule, and opinion survey (to investigate our classmates understanding of Mr. Apex Pang-Soong Lin’s paintings). All of them helped us more understand Mr. Apex Pang-Soong Lin and his works. The following was the tree tools

Project Elements

1) What information tools & technologies did you used to complete your CyberFair project?

Besides reading books, magazines, and related publication to understand Mr. Apex Pang-Soong Lin and his brilliant records, we also interviewed orally with him. We not only visited Mr. Apex Pang-Soong Lin in person for many times but also interviewed his classmates, family and friends to understand more about him. We used the following technology and equipment to make our information more complete. 1.Hardware (1)Desktop computer:Process documents, create web pages, archive videos and photos, teach demonstration, and convey information (2)Internet:Search engine, Facebook, and Email (3)Video camera:Archive meetings and interviews (4)Digital camera:Archive meetings and interviews (5)Scanner:Convert prints and photos into digital files (6)Pen:recorder Record meetings and interviews (7)Printer:Print materials (8)USB:Save back-up information 2.Software: (1)Namo WebEditor6:Create and edit web pages (2)Microsoft FrontPage:Create and edit web pages (3)Unlead Photo Impact 12:Process videos (4)Microsoft Word:Process words (5)Internet Explorer:Search for information and communicate with team members (6)CuteFTP3.5:Convert files (7)Dreamweaver:Create and edit web pages (8)Illustrator:Edit art of web pages (9)Flash:Make online sketchbooks and create dynamic web pages

2) In what ways did you act as "ambassadors" and spokespersons for your CyberFair project both on-line and in person.

After we decided to participate in the contest of school cyberfair, we chose “Local leader” as our category in September last year. Once we confirmed our topic, we began to seek for suitable people to do the project. We had three famous people as our options, including one chef and two artists. One of them was Mr. Apex Pang-Soong Lin. After our parents and instructors discussed for several times, we decided to choose Mr. Apex Pang-Soong Lin as our target to do the report. The most important reason was because Mr. Apex Pang-Soong Lin had the quality of local leader and global vision. Then, we started to contact Mr. Apex Pang-Soong Lin. We searched for related information about him on the internet, and found out that there were tons of reports about Mr. Apex Pang-Soong Lin and his paintings. We sent the letter again, but still didn’t get any answers. We tried to call his office number, but we still couldn’t reach him (Mr. Apex Pang-Soong Lin was abroad at that time). Just as we couldn’t think of any ways, Yu-Chen’s father said that one of his superior, Wu Shou-Shan was the professor of National Taiwan Normal University Management Department. He was also familiar with the art industry. We might ask him for help. It was very fortunate that professor Wu agreed to do us a favor immediately. It was such a coincidence that professor Wu has been very well-acquainted with Mr. Apex Pang-Soong Lin because they usually attend charity and art activities together. Of course, the follow-up became very smooth-going. Therefore, professor Wu became our medium when we interviewed Mr. Apex Pang-Soong Lin, his wife and friends. We couldn’t complete this project without professor Wu. We were really grateful for his help.

3) What has been the impact of your project on your community?

Mr. Apex Pang-Soong Lin once used “Dream, Thinking, and Ideal” as his beliefs for design. He encouraged his students with “The wider your mind, the bigger your stage.” Those words really inspired us a lot. The original purpose for us was to apply what we have learned and prove our ability of internet. Though it was nice to win the first prize, but we have brainstormed so many ideas and the ways to carry them after we interviewed Mr. Apex Pang-Soong Lin. This was really more than what we had expected. First, we were so moved by Mr. Apex Pang-Soong Lin’s series of paintings of “My Homeland: where my heart belongs”. The works really expressed his deep feelings for Taiwan. To apply his spirit in daily learning, Mr. Apex Pang-Soong Lin let everyone design his/her own impression for Taiwan. Everyone could show the impression by three-D art work or plane graphs with familiar things around us. Another way was to send greetings on Christmas or Chinese New Year with cards shaped like Taiwan. People could write the cards personally to let their friends abroad feel the energy and vitality of Taiwan. To put ourselves in other people’s position, we introduced Mr. Apex Pang-Soong Lin’s design works to our classmates on school’s sports day. We also donated our cards to Caterpillar Philosophy for Children Foundation to give those who need them. Through the charity bazaar, we donated all the money to Children ARE Us Foundation. It was such an unforgettable scene when we saw those children smile because of those cards.

4) How did your project involve other members of your community as helpers and volunteers?

Mr. Apex Pang-Soong Lin was born in a small town called Tungkang in. He has been making every endeavor to promote art design. He is usually invited by Japan, China and other countries to attend meetings and exhibitions, but he never forgets to feedback the society. For example, he used to help Pingtung County edit the series of “Pingtung Artist Biography”. He also participated in the design and promotion of Tungkang Tuna festival. Therefore, he has got a lot of support from the local. National Taiwan Normal University visual design department’s professor, Shih Ling-Hung thinks Mr. Apex Pang-Soong Lin is not only a respectful senior in the design industry; he is also an adorable and unselfish brother. He has put many efforts into the promotion of art design and has taken part in so many activities. All for these hard work, he hopes to bring the international message into Taiwan and lead the design and creation to the world stage. National History Museum’s curator, Chung Yu-Teng thinks Mr. Apex Pang-Soong Lin’s series works of “My Homeland: where my heart belongs” make Taiwanese people have a brand new understanding of the place we live in. This is really amazing. Mr. Apex Pang-Soong Lin has made great contribution to Taiwan. Want Daily’s director, Hwang Ching-Lung has known Mr. Apex Pang-Soong Lin for thirty years. He compliments Mr. Apex Pang-Soong Lin is a really talented scholar with a passionate and amiable personality. Mr. Apex Pang-Soong Lin represents the design industry to help the society for many things. He has devoted to the interaction of design and creation between China and Taiwan for a long time. He really contributed a lot.

5) Discoveries, Lessons and Surprises (Optional)

The first time when we saw Mr. Apex Pang-Soong Lin’s series of Taiwanese cards, the lines and brightness of Epipremnum aureum and fire were depicted very sophisticatedly. Even though the graphs were flat, we still felt them so energetic and alive. When we finally met Mr. Apex Pang-Soong Lin in person and shook hands with him, we felt amazed that Mr. Apex Pang-Soong Lin was such a mild, passionate and bright person with such heights. Besides he had a delicate heart and well-executed hands so that he could create so many masterpieces. Mr. Apex Pang-Soong Lin said that he used the simplest tool and technique, a brush and sketch, to record down what he had seen and thought. The size of his painting ranged from a postcard, A4 paper to a door. “Just like monk worships in the morning day after day.” Mr. Apex Pang-Soong Lin described himself to create works with a brush, and make “dots” and draw “lines” repeatedly and sophisticatedly. “You can see the fluctuation of your feelings from the size and weight of every dot. You can reflect your mind through your works. Sometime your mind is relax and careless, and sometimes it is quick and smart.” Mr. Apex Pang-Soong Lin pasted paper on the wall in his bed room. He made it a habit to paint for an hour every morning. Although sometimes he couldn’t finish a painting within three months, he still enjoyed the process. We all think it is exactly the realization of patience and persistence. If we students can study and do everything with this spirit, we can overcome any difficult problems.


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