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International Schools CyberFair Project Narrative
Title: Drug Addiction-A Curse
Category: 4. Local Specialties

School: Woodbury World School
    Mukerian, N/A - Does Not Apply, India

30 students, ages 10-14 years worked together to complete this CyberFair project on March 20, 2016. They have participated in CyberFair in the following year(s): First Time Participant in 2016

Classes and Teachers: Ms Satveer Kaur, Ms Navneet Pal,Ms Inderapl Kaur, Mr Vivek, Ms Kamaljeet Saini

E-Mail contact:

Our School's Web Site:

Project Overview

1. Description of Our Community

Mukerian city has a population of around 30000 people.Males constitute 52% of the population and females 48%.This town is abode of peace-loving people in district Hoshiarpur in Punjab state in India. The Majority of the population is employed in agriculture Punjab. A considerable male population of the city has immigrated to foreign countries in pursuit of better life style. Being a border state has its international boundaries with Pakistan.

2. Summary of Our Project

This project aims to the research on ever-increasing problem of drug addiction amongst youth in Punjab. This drug menance is playing doom in the society.Young boys in the age of 16 to 35 years fall trap of the drug addiction both knowingly and unknowingly.The problem is resulting in bad socio-economic conditions of the families whose members are getting prey of drug addiction.

3. Our Computer and Internet Access

A. Percentage of students using the Internet at home:more than 50%

B. Number of workstations with Internet access in the classroom:more than 6

C. Connection speed used in the classroom:dial-up modem

D. Number of years our classroom has been connected to the Internet:2-3

4. Problems We Had To Overcome

The project undertaken- Drug Addiction-A Cursehad a huge bandwidth in terms of socioeconomic reasons and impacts, health hazards on the addicts. Teachers and students did extensive brainstorming on the scope of the project. Although there is plenty of internet material available but it was a task to establish the practical findings from the virtual information. We did not face much technical obstacles as we are lucky to have good internet connectivity and number of computers as well. Reaching out to the drug addicted people and pursuit of getting honest answers in the survey was a challenge, which was successfully overcame.

5. Our Project Sound Bite

Exploring, collaborating and sharing knowledge with the global community excites and motivates us to do greater and better. We believe the great Indian maxim...let good thoughts may come from all sides. We feel pleasure and happiness to share our learning with others

6. How did your activities and research for this CyberFair Project support standards, required coursework and curriculum standards?

In the project, we integrated science, technology,language skills in reporting a social menance and we contributed towards our social responsibility. We believe that what we reaped from this project can be conducive to our life education. It helps us not only realize the value of our life but also improve our computer skills. We have gathered a lot of information about the drug menance which is infecting large population in our community and tried to interpret the profound implications of this suicidal habit in the form of drawings, venn diagrams and flow charts. Though the products are far from being sophisticated, the experience with these unfortunate but insurmountable families engraves in our mind the vitality of life. Meanwhile, through this project, we acquired skills on how to design webpage and roughly process videos. Though we have sacrificed our time for noon snap and holiday, it is worthwhile

Project Elements

1) What information tools & technologies did you used to complete your CyberFair project?

1.Oral Interviews:Wevisit ed the local people and came to understand the regional problems better. 2.Internet:We searched for related websites on the Internet and communicated with many net users. 3.DC,DV,Graphics capture card:We took pictures, recorded the voices and images of the interviewees during our interview. Then, we converted the images into VCD and voice recordings into MP3. 4.Scanner and Printer:We processed the images with scanners and had the information printed out for circulation with printers. 5.Phone & Fax:We communicated with the interviewees be phone and fax. 6.Flash Drive and CD-RW:We stored the information on these media for the use on PCs with no network connection. 7.Computer Software:NAMO, DreamWeaver, PhotoShop,Cute ftp, Office2003,etc

2) In what ways did you act as "ambassadors" and spokespersons for your CyberFair project both on-line and in person.

On the day we are to interview, the teacher gathered us and gave us tips and techniques on how to conduct interview at large and communicate our project to the relevant personnel. They were kind. In the interview, we recorded the interviewees’ sounds while putting forward our questions and taking the photos as proof. In the beginning, we had had a fear that the role we played might arouse their antipathy. However, they were so patient with us while answering our questions that we can’t help feeling gratitude to them. We took their words earnestly. Sometimes we presented them with small gifts to show our great gratitude. The interviewees ranged from teachers, parents, neighbors to staff from different organizations. They also contributed a lot of useful information to the webpage, making it worth reading.

3) What has been the impact of your project on your community?

(1) Our Cyberfair Project was a reflection of society. Our parents were happy that we are learning to fight against the ills prevalent in the society. Meanwhile, the people around can have first hand information on the project on the website(2) As the data compiled and summarized for the Cyberfair was obtained entirely from interview of doctors telling direct and indirect imlpications of dop/ drugs on individuals, people could gather important information on this. Our “kid correspondents” had to shuttle between cities those days, which make their learning diverse and interesting. Through this project, we had a wider contact with the people outside school as well as people of different class and from other counties or cities. In addition, other students in our class and their parents who had visited our webpage also came to our computer classroom from time to time to cheer us up.

4) How did your project involve other members of your community as helpers and volunteers?

Out first and foremost thanks to our Director Mr Harsh Sharma, who introduced us with this wonderful task which has reaped for us memorable and life long learning. Our Principal Mrs Preeti Mannan gave her valuable inputs and insights on all the proceedings we did from time to time. Our group of talented and dedicated teachers thank you for being with us all through the project and giving us instructions and toiled with us on weekends and even Sundays. At last, thanks Hope Rehabilitation Center again for their assistance, with which we could wrap up the project successfully.assistance here.


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