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International Schools CyberFair Project Narrative
Title: Live young,stay healthy Spread joy all around~Yang Cuo Community
Category: 2. Community Groups and Special Populations

School: Ludong elementary school
    Changhua County, N/A - Does Not Apply, ??

6 students, ages 11-12 worked together to complete this CyberFair project on February 23, 2017. They have participated in CyberFair in the following year(s): never

Classes and Teachers: Chiang Wen Hsiung

E-Mail contact:

Our School's Web Site:

Project Overview

1. Description of Our Community

Yangcuo community is located in the north side of Yang Tsai River,Early in the sea so the land of salt weight, weeds, as early as the Qing Dynasty when the ancestors of sheep longevity, hence the name.In recent years, young people go out to work more workers in the face of the growing popularity of elderly people living in the community, Yangcuo Community Development Association is committed to the elderly to send meals, care for the elderly health and safety care, and even contact feelings have been created.Changes in social structure also show that Taiwan is bound to face the more serious aging problems in the future, but the Yangcuo community can be through the government's assistance and community volunteers to help and self-care, to create a 'invisible' service for the elderly , But also from the bottom up to achieve the old end of the concept.

2. Summary of Our Project

We are a group of students from the LuDong primary school sixth grade, interested in the use of web design, carry forward Lukang adjacent Yangcuo community to create the spirit and cultural landscape,The beginning of the most attractive to our investment is the HUANG,YU-CHIH, she donated five years ago to broaden the community's trail.Later, through interviews, we have a better understanding of the housing services provided by the Yangcuo community to the elderly and experience it,The Yangcuo community is also a successful demonstration of Active Ageing.

3. Our Computer and Internet Access

A. Percentage of students using the Internet at home:less than 20

B. Number of workstations with Internet access in the classroom:4-6

C. Connection speed used in the classroom:dedicated connection

D. Number of years our classroom has been connected to the Internet:more than 6

4. Problems We Had To Overcome

In order to better understand the more inconvenient elderly people in the community, we need to visit the relevant people, but how to develop the draft, we have no concept.But the teacher guides us to write down the questions we want to ask, and then discuss the collective, leaving the necessary problems.

In the course of making web pages, the toughest situation we faced was the insufficiency of editing skill. We were very fortunate to have professional computer teachers to assist us. They patiently provided their expertise by continuously supplementing and modifying our works. An educational and illustrative works is being able to be viewed by all those who take interest in.

5. Our Project Sound Bite

We hope that by our special study, we will promote the community's efforts to promote the community and protect the spirit of the elderly, so as to inspire the students' love of love and cultivate the enthusiasm for serving the public.

6. How did your activities and research for this CyberFair Project support standards, required coursework and curriculum standards?

Some of the content standards we achieved through creating our website are Language Arts (Reading-Range; Comprehension, Writing-Range, Composing, Conventions and Skills, Rhetoric; Oral Communication), Social Studies (Change, Continuity and Causality; Historical Empathy; Global Cooperation, Conflict, and Interdependence; Cultural Diversity and Unity; Cultural Dynamics), Fine Arts, Technology (Basic Operations and Concepts; Technology as a Tool for Productivity; Technology as a Tool for Communications; Technology as a Tool for Research).

Project Elements

1) What information tools & technologies did you used to complete your CyberFair project?

The school has two computer classrooms, each classroom has 30 computers, each computer can be connected through the optical fiber academic network, in addition to class, the computer classrooms are mostly idle, and we usually use early self-study or lunch time We discuss, time is always not enough. The teacher solicits the strong ability of the parents to teach and assist in the completion of the computer. With the help of parents and teachers, we learned the skills of photo compression, editing and editing of audio and video files, and how to make web pages, which virtually enhanced our 'skill'.

2) In what ways did you act as "ambassadors" and spokespersons for your CyberFair project both on-line and in person.

In order that the content of this project coincides with the courses taught in the school, we have designed a series of relevant activities, i.e. kiln of the outside campus teaching, sweet potato season in the campus, exhibition of teaching result during school's anniversary, etc. By way of different types of promotion, the school has strengthened its tie with the community and the interaction gets frequent and harmonious. We believe concern about hometown events and products is the foundation homeland education. Therefore, we use the campus as the base to cultivate our hearty concern over our homeland.

3) What has been the impact of your project on your community?

The establishment of the 'Community Development Association' to attract more young people into the ranks of volunteers, their intentions and momentum, and our theme is the spirit of coincidence, is worthy of our study. In the process of researching the topic, we found that community development associations, organizations are very complete, each group are doing their job, effort and selfless for the community to pay.As long as the chairman or CEO release work, each group will be mission-oriented, so we introduce the school to the Yangcuo community, I hope everyone's impression of the Yangcuo is no longer strange. The school is also like a small community, a strong centripetal force, regardless of you and me, to serve the public spirit, in order to unite for the school for more honor.

4) How did your project involve other members of your community as helpers and volunteers?

Thank you to our families who supported and guided us through this project. We appreciate your encouragement and love.

We will never forget how our teachers guided us through the process of project research. They gave us general direction as we started the project. They taught us how to collect data, edit and consolidate information, construct the multi-media Web page during the research process. When we encountered obstacles that we could not overcome by ourselves alone, they gave us just-in-time advices. When we turned in our homework, they always gave us optimistic big smiles.


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