Information Needed To Submit a Clue

Copy the text in the box below and use it as a preliminary teaching tool before playing GeoGame. Involve your students in filling out this information prior to submitting information to be included in the game database.

The clues in each GeoGame require the following information. You must supply correct information about your location if you wish to submit your own clue.

  1. City:
  2. State or Province:
  3. Country:
  4. Longitude: (degrees & nearest minute; specify East or West)
  5. Latitude: (degrees & nearest minute; specify North or South)
  6. Time Zone: (Use Greenwich Mean Time plus or minus the number of hours e.g. GMT -5.)
  7. Population:
  8. January Weather:
  9. Average January High Temperature:
  10. Average January Low Temperature:
  11. January Clothing:
  12. Land Forms:
  13. Tourist Attractions:
  14. Famous For:

Note: All fields must be completed.