CyberFair at a Glance

CyberFair at a Glance

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CyberFair Overview

International CyberFair, now in its 29th year, is an award-winning, authentic learning program used by schools and youth organizations around the world. Students conduct research about their local communities and use digital media to publish their findings online. Recognition is given to the best projects in each of eight categories: local leaders, businesses, community organizations, historical landmarks, environment, music, art, and local specialties.

This White House endorsed program encourages youth to become ambassadors for their own local communities by working collaboratively with community members and using technology tools to publish a website or create a video that displays what they have learned. The annual contest has involved more than 5.5 million students from 50,000 schools across 115 countries—and is considered the longest running international online event of its kind.

Competition judging also takes place online. Students evaluate each others projects using a web-based evaluation tool (rubric) designed by Global SchoolNet. The top forty entries are reviewed by international judges to determine the best educational projects. Winners of International CyberFair are announced each Spring at a event that is global in itself, with hundreds of schools participating via Internet.

CyberFair Implementation GuideCyberFair Implementation Guide

CyberFair Implementation Guide: Opening the Doors to Collaboration (PDF) Download Now

This guide is free for download to all educators. It reveals new possibilities for collaboration among schools, communities, nonprofit organizations, and businesses. The publication is addressed to school administrators, education thought leaders, community organizations, and community-oriented businesses with an interest in implementing

CyberFair Theme

The theme for CyberFair 2024 is COLLABORATE & Unite!

Let's unite to protect our communities, our environment, our culture, our health, our animals, and our future.

"In collaboration we find strength, support, and the power to overcome any challenge. Magic happens when we collaborate with an open heart and a shared vision." ~Unknown

History of CyberFair Themes:

2024 COLLABORATE & Unite

2023 BE KIND & Unite

2022 PROTECT & Unite

2021 CONNECT & Unite

2020 Remember & Unite

2019 Envision & Unite

2018 Preserve & Unite

2017 Understand & Unite

2016 SHARE & Unite

2015 Engage & Unite

2014 Inspire & Unite

2013 Explore & Unite


2012 Dream & Unite

2011 Take Action & Unite

2010 Believe & Unite

2009 Teach & Unite

2008 Learn & Unite

2007 Empower & Unite

2006 Inspire & Unite

2005 Prepare & Unite

2004 Achieve & Unite

2003 Educate & Unite

2002 Care & Unite

2001- 1996 Share & Unite


CyberFair Vision

The purpose of International CyberFair is for youth, their schools, and their local communities to use digital media to share resources, establish partnerships, and work together to accomplish common goals. We believe that involving youth in educational outreach projects will foster worldwide friendships and unite communities.

The Global Community - We are linked to the world!

Every nation wants their children to learn the skills they need to succeed both in the world of today and in all the tomorrows that follow. We want safe and strong communities in which citizens can live and learn together. We want our youth to be responsible "global citizens" who appreciate and respect the diversity of the world around them. Communication technologies can foster positive and productive interaction among local and distant groups.

Youth participating in International CyberFair learn what it means to be part of a community... both locally and globally. They work with groups of young people located around the world, each group showcasing their local community online. Youth act as "Student Ambassadors," working with local leaders, local artists, local business, and the rest of their community to show the world what is special about *their* place.

As examples, youth can meet local artists and musicians, interview them, tape their music, photograph their art, and show the world their cultural heritage. Or, youth can work with their local chamber of commerce, farmers, or local business leaders, to show the world the things they make, grow and build.

Start with Collaboration

The focus of International CyberFair is collaboration -- first at the local level and then on an international level. To encourage teamwork each school or organization may submit only one entry. Therefore, part of the learning experience is building consensus in choosing an entry topic.

It is very important when doing a collaborative project to involve all of the key players, create a project plan, and ensure that everyone agrees on the individual tasks and the timeline. Over the years we have discovered some simple collaborative strategies that really seem to work. Learn more

Every CyberFair project also includes a "Project Narrative, " a reflective report that explains how the project has been organized, what challenges had to be overcome, and how the project supported local content standards.  Many wonderful community-building success stories have emerged from these "behind the scenes" narratives. Learn more

Register Now

Register for CyberFair as soon as possible to receive important announcements. Once registered, you may update your information at any time until the final project deadline.

Download Participant Banner2024 CyberFair Participant Banner


Download the official CyberFair Participant Banner. It is important to place this banner on the front page of your web project and include this banner on any printed materials that you create about your project.  Learn more

How to Get Local Publicity and Media Coverage

Stories about students engaged in positive learning projects are always newsworthy. Don't miss this opportunity to seek favorable publicity for your school or organization in your local community. To help you get started, we have provided you with some media-friendly strategies and templates. Learn more.

Sponsors and Supporters

Companies, organizations, and individuals who support the International CyberFair program believe that young people can make a difference in the world! Over the past two decades years many companies have contributed prizes, services and funding support. CyberFair supporters include Adobe, AOL-Timer Warner Foundation, AlphaSmart, Apple, Canon, Cisco, Cisco Foundation, Cu-SeeMe Networks, Epson, Gateway, GTE, Hyperstudio, Impatica, Lexmark, Lightspan, Macromedia, MCI, MCI Foundation, Microsoft, Microsoft Taiwan, NeTV, Network Solutions, Tech4Learning, Wells Fargo Foundation, and the San Diego Union-Tribune.

The importance of CyberFair has been acknowledged by Presidents, senators, congressmen, and ministers of education from many countries. For example, President George W. Bush, President Clinton, Vice President Al Gore, Secretary of State Colin Powell, Condoleezza Rice, Susan Golding (San Diego Mayor), Max Gail (actor), Ronnie Lott (football superstar) Sinbad (comedian/actor) and Business leaders - Vint Cerf, Steve Wolff, John Morgridge are a few of the notable people who have applauded CyberFair.

Wouldn't you like to help? Learn more

Frequently Asked Questions

As you might imagine, with over five million participants from 115 countries, we have had to answer a few questions. Who is eligible to participate? Where can you publish your web project? What should you do if you run out of time and can't complete? Please read the FAQs to gain insight and find the answers to the most frequently asked questions. Learn more

Read the Success Stories

CyberFair projects have had an enormous impact on students, schools and communities worldwide. Read these stories and  testimonials to learn what the participants have to say! Learn more

Video Clips about CyberFair

CyberFair projects have had an enormous impact on students, schools and communities worldwide.  Watch these video clips and find out how and why!  Learn more