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"Thank you for the work your organization is doing to help the youth of the world."
-President George Bush, Washington DC, USA

"I'm glad to know about your organization's efforts to educate young people through Internet activities, and I appreciate your thoughtfulness."
-Former President Bill Clinton, Washington DC, USA

"Thank you very, very much to Global SchoolNet for putting our Roots and Shoots program on the Internet. It is most exciting!"
-Dr. Jane Goodall, USA

"The  project was the most rewarding experience I've had in my 35 years of teaching. In addition to academic skills, our 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade students also gained many life-long personal skills, such as working in cooperative groups with people of different ages, being confident in meeting and talking with people regardless of their job or expertise, and learning to communicate globally."
-Teacher, St. Martha School, Okemos, Michigan, USA

"CyberFair is a meaningful use of the Internet in the classroom. As more and more schools are wired, they will need online activities that are integrated with the curriculum. CoSN recommends CyberFair as an outstanding example of an online project that provides students with learning they couldn't do in any other way. "
- Keith Krueger, Consortium for School Networking, USA

"Our members ask, "What do you do with the Internet that combines student learning and creativity?" ISTE points to CyberFair as an example of an activity that teachers can weave into almost any curriculum and that provides students with a way to learn about their communities and connect to the world around them. "
- Lynne Schrum, Former President, International Society for Technology in Education

"CyberFair combines learning, technology, and community building in a fun and rewarding way. TECH CORPS applauds CyberFair for providing a creative vehicle that encourages teachers and students world-wide to use technology to share what's important to them. Our congratulations on a fine project."
- Karen Smith, TECH CORPS, USA

"Thanks so much for giving me the opportunity to evaluate these amazing web pages. How exciting! It is truly an eye-opener to see what kids are capable of creating with modern resources. I had completely underestimated the abilities of the very young, based upon my experience teaching at institutions where learning potential was stunted by too much leniency."
Parent, Wai'anae, Hawaii, USA

"We have learned much in the course of doing this project. Even though we had studied the story of Rome since early elementary school, it was not until now that we really began putting the various aspects of the history, life, and culture of Rome together. Due to the E-mail of visitors to our web site, we have begun to appreciate how putting all this material together helps us and others to discover new insights into the story of Rome. We are happy to have had a part in contributing to the cultural education of others around the world."
-Teacher, Citta dei Ragazzi di Roma

"Our students feel like their work is a real benefit to the community. They are very proud of the fact that some of our Erving businesses have been contacted by customers who have found them on the Internet. The students know they are providing a valuable service to the community in a way that helps our local businesses recoup some of the investment that they have made in the local schools with their tax dollars."
-Teacher, Erving Elementary School, Erving, Massachusetts, USA

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