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US-Russia Education & Youth
Opening Doors to Collaboration


  • Encouraging cross-cultural understanding among US and Russian youth; preparing young people of both countries to work collaboratively to solve or prevent global problems via student-centered methods such as education exchanges, seminars, and conferences;
  • Fostering a collaborative process among youth and education practitioners and sharing best practices among Russian/US education and youth-focused organizations by creating new partnerships and identifying innovative technology tools;
  • Creating opportunities and incentives for youth to be invested in the economic future of their local communities.
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    Resource Guide:

    School and the Community: Collaboration in the Context of New Educational Standards (Experiences of Russia and the United States)

    Download English PDF               Download Russian PDF

    Developed by Russian and US education experts, this publication reveals successful models for collaboration among schools, nonprofit organizations, and businesses in the context of the new educational standards in Russia and the United States. It is addressed to school administrators, education thought leaders, community organizations, and community-oriented businesses interested in partnering with NGOs (non-governmental organizations) and schools.

    Resource Guide:

    CyberFair Implementation Guide: Opening Doors to Collaboration

    Download English PDF               Download Russian PDF


    This step-by-step implementation guide is free for download to all youth educators. The publication is addressed to education thought leaders, school administrators,  community organizations, and businesses with an interest in implementing CyberFair projects that engage youth in authentic learning within the community.

      Opening Doors to Collaboration

    Promoting collaborative project-based activities about youth volunteerism, service-learning, and successful models of collaboration between schools and NGOs that support new education standards in the US and Russia..
     English Version        Russian Version

      CyberFair: Connecting Through Youth Volunteerism

    Challenging youth to use digital media (web/video) to share their personal stories about best practices in "youth volunteerism." Youth publish a story online about an organization or special cause for which  they volunteer their time (e.g. museums, parks, beach clean-up, hospitals, senior facilities, disaster relief, Humane Society).

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