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Content-Driven Collaboration is Essential

Whenever possible, we make the content from our workshops and conference sessions available for your professional development use. Learn more about the benefits, challenges and the future promise of international collaborative learning - for individuals, communities and humanity.

Important: Permission is granted to use information from the following for educational purposes, as long as proper credit is given and no fee is charged. Read Terms of Use

Wisdom of Crowds: Reinventing Educational Activism by Creating Linkages
WorldFuture 2011, Vancouver, Canada, July 2011

Yvonne Marie Andres, Ismo Heikkila,
 Pauline Roberts, Rick Joseph
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How important are linkages to your personal future and to the future of your community? Best seller Wikinomics: How Mass Collaboration Changes Everything sends a critical message that individuals can no longer independently learn all they need to know to be successful in the workforce or in their personal lives. In a globally connected world, there is enormous value to tapping into the "wisdom of the crowd" and collaboratively sharing best practices with others. Join e-learning pioneer Yvonne Marie Andres and financial education specialist Ismo Heikkila for a look at how interactive, real-world projects linking students, mentors, and the world community are offering exciting potential for gains in cultural understanding, financial literacy, and career preparedness. Hear directly from teacher practitioners.

5 Powerful Things Teachers Can Do With Online Collaboration
Global Education Conference, November 2010
Presenters: Yvonne Marie Andres, Teresa Roebuck
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Bestseller "Wikinomics: How Mass Collaboration Changes Everything" sends educators a critical message that individuals can no longer independently learn all they need to know. In a globally connected world, there is enormous value in using online tools and technology to collaboratively connect and learn with others. Join award-winning online learning pioneer, Dr. Yvonne Marie Andres, as she discusses successful integration of project-based, collaborative learning by showcasing the best content, tools and resources that support teachers and their students as they strive to master 21st century learning skills. Youth need to learn collaborative, 21st century learning skills, through safe, structured, supervised, educational projects. But, without some structure it can lead to chaos and frustration. Teachers need guidance in transitioning from traditional learning -- to new learning tools and experiences (e.g. Flexbooks, blended learning environments, collaborative projects, co-created content, virtual field trips, global exhibitions and competitions).

Focus on Future Thinking: What is Possible? Probable? Preferable? Preventable?
World Future Society Conference, Toronto, Canada, July 2006

Yvonne Marie Andres, Sara Armstrong, David Thornburg, Tom Abeles, Stephen MacKinnon
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How important is it for students to think about the future? It has been said that the best way to predict the future is to invent it—and that we cannot al- ways build the future for our youth. but we can build our youth for the future. Today’s youth are our children and grandchildren. They will be our future business and political leaders—and will shape the quality of life for our citizens. Education is the foundation of democratic institutions, national security, economic growth, and prosperity. Therefore, twenty-first-century knowledge and skills must be integrated into education.