Doors to Diplomacy Incentives




Doors to Diplomacy Awards and Incentives


Doors to Diplomacy participants benefit by:

  • Learning 21st century skills that will prepare them for the workforce
  • Learning how to conduct and cite original research
  • Learning how to collaborate with fellow students and with the global community
  • Learning how to create digital media
  • Learning how to produce an educational e-learning project
  • Learning about diplomacy and international issues
  • Learning about issues and other communities around the world

Scholarships, Cash Awards, & Certificates

  • Each student team member of the winning “Doors to Diplomacy” Award team receives a $2,000 scholarship.

  • The winning coaches’ schools each receive a $500 USD cash award.

  • Each winning team member and coach receive a special certificate from the US State Department.

Doors to Diplomacy certificateDoors to Diplomacy Participant Certificates


Each team that completes a final entry will receive special Doors to Diplomacy certificates to recognize their achievement.


RedStar Additional prizes may be provided by sponsors.