Online Expeditions: Resources

You will find the following resources useful as your students participate in online expeditions.

Map Resources

  • Dynamic Atlas
    View the various world regions through different perspectives.
  • Google Maps
    The Google mapping and directions tool.
  • Graphic Maps
    This site provides a very large selection of maps, globes, and flags and also provides a world atlas. For a fee, you can even order a custom map of your choice!
  • Maps that Teach
    Learn United States and world geography with Maps that Teach
  • MapQuest
    Use MapQuest's Interactive Atlas to locate almost any city or region in the world!
  • Maps On Us
    This site provides advanced maps and also driving directions for the United States.
  • Nation Master
    This site has maps, flags, statistics and lesson plans.

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  • Conversion Tables
    This site allows you to convert units of angle, area, distance and length, electric charge, energy, illumination, luminous intensity, mass and weight, money (currencies and inflation), percentage, power, pressure, speed, time, and volume.
  • Metric and U.S. Equivalents
    This site allows you to convert units of length, area, and volume.

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