How Do I Integrate Online Expeditions Into My Curriculum?
Visit "For Teachers" or a similarly named site area to find pages aligning the site's content to state or national standards, plus a means of communicating with other teachers and the site's creators. As with any new textbook or supplementary reading, peruse the site. You'll be amazed at its creative possibilities. Some sites also include online Teacher Stores offering a variety of relevant teaching materials.
How Much Will It Cost?
Some Expeditions are free. Others are "partially by subscription," meaning a fee is required to access all of the site's features. Visit "For Teachers" page to learn more.
How Long Will This Take?
Some Expeditions travel a region for months. Others are shorter; the Jason Project spent 10 days with NOAA scientists in the underwater lab Aquarius. Each site provides Expedition dates and duration.
Can My Class Accompany Past Expeditions?
Definitely! Most sites archive past Expeditions. They are no longer interactive, but still offer the journal entries, photographs, and other features that make for an exciting teaching resource. Past Expeditions lend themselves to innovative techniques involving role playing, critical thinking, and such.
Do I Have to be a Computer Whiz to Use These Expeditions?
Not at all! You can use these sites even if yours is a one-computer classroom. They are extremely user-friendly; some offer tips and technical advice for printing pages. Plus, there are always a few students with enough Web skills to teach the teacher!

How do I Prepare my Students?
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