CyberFair Instructions

CyberFair Assignment Instructions



The CyberFair competition requires participants to complete three tasks to be eligible for judging: publish your research, reflect, and evaluate.


Task 1: Publish Your Research

Research, create, and publish a web-based project, based on information about your local community.

IMPORTANT: Make sure you focus on the current year's theme.

  • Identify and describe your 'local community.' The defined community need not be restricted by geographic location.
  • Select one of the eight CyberFair categories and conduct a research project involving your selected community and its resources.
  • Publish your web project on the Internet.

Task 2: Reflect

Describe the research process and learning outcomes by completing your Project Narrative and linking to your bibliography.

IMPORTANT: The CyberFair Project Narrative must be submitted using the official narrative form. You may access the project narrative form from your personal CyberFair Checklist.

Observe and record the following elements of your project and include that information in the required Project Narrative. You may want to assign 3-5 students to act as project historians to observe and describe these processes.

  • Describe how the activities and research conducted by your students supported required coursework, curriculum requirements, and content standards.
  • Describe how your project reflects a balance of students interacting with their communities and the use of information technology tools.
  • Describe how your students functioned as "ambassadors" and spokespersons for their project both on-line and in person.
  • Describe the impact that that CyberFair had or will have on your community.
  • Describe how the project engaged local businesses and industry experts as volunteers, contributing their time and technical expertise.


IMPORTANT: When conducting original research and publishing a report or project, it is always necessary to identify the source of your information.  See examples of how to cite sources and create a bibliography.


Task 3: Evaluate

Participate in a Peer Review Evaluation process to select and rank other CyberFair web projects.

  • Provide insightful feedback about other CyberFair projects.
  • Read and discuss the feedback and comments that your own project receives.