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From: Global SchoolNet Foundation (
To: Project Finalists (from Peer Review)
Subject: TOPIC: Certificates, Celebrations, and Social Media
Date: 11 May 2021 07:29 PST (GMT -8)

Dear CyberFair 2021 Participants,

You may now log into your CyberFair TIMELINE and download personalized CyberFair certificates for you to present to the participants and to display at your school.


We encourage you to localize your celebrations by inviting your local community, parents, school board and media to view this year's projects and discover new ways to work together. Take this opportunity to discuss your ideas for next year’s CyberFair project that could benefit both the school and the community.


News about students who are participating in community-building, global learning projects is exciting.

It's important that our youth have the opportunity to learn about technology in as many positive ways as we can provide. It is very valuable for youth to be ambassadors for their projects. Tackling a community-based learning project in your classroom presents a perfect opportunity for you to seek publicity in your local area.

We have made it easy for you to do. Please see “How to Get Publicity.”

This section is provided to give you some basic steps to achieve the recognition you deserve. Please don't be concerned if you have not done this before. Newspapers, radio programs and TV news in your area will want to report about local events with national and international connections.

You can find a CyberFair press release TEMPLATE that you can personalize at:

Good luck with your media exposure endeavors. We would love to receive copies of your news articles, videos, or radio interviews. If you send them to us, we will share them on our website!


We highly encourage you to share your project on our Global SchoolNet Facebook community pages.

Global SchoolNet launched the International CyberFair program in 1996 to create a rich learning opportunity for students as well as to foster collaboration between schools and their local communities. When kids tell stories on the Internet that celebrate their local leaders, local history, local environment, local music and art they learn and refine many skills, and in the process generate tangible recognition and support from their local community. Incredible things happen when students become producers (and not just consumers) of information.

We know from the feedback we get each year that CyberFair accomplishes all of these things and more.


Dr. Yvonne Marie Andres President and Founder, San Diego, California

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