Press Release Template


Send out a Press Release if you want to notify the media of a news worthy project.


Fill in your information and print your final copy on a sheet of your school or organization's letterhead.


[School/Organization] Makes [City/Town/Community/Local Leader] Internationally Known as Part of

International CyberFair -- Youth Empowering Communities to Remember the Past, Create the Present, Inspire the Future

[City, State], ([date, month, year]) -- [School/Organization Name] has joined students all over the globe in highlighting a unique aspect of our community as a part of International Schools CyberFair, sponsored by the CyberFair encourages youth to connect the knowledge they learn in school to real world applications.

The theme for CyberFair 2024 is COLLABORATE & Unite!

Let's unite to protect our communities, our environment, our culture, our health, our animals, and our future.

"In collaboration we find strength, support, and the power to overcome any challenge. Magic happens when we collaborate with an open heart and a shared vision." ~Unknown

This annual program encourages students to become ambassadors for their communities, conducting research, working with community members and using technology tools to publish a website that displays their learning. Touted as the largest international cyber event for schools, the annual contest involves more than 5.5 million students from 50,500 schools across 115 countries. [School/Organization Name] is participating in the category of [Category Name].

[This paragraph should include specific information about your page. Which class participated? Which category did they pick? Why was it important to them? Any funny stories about the process....any pertinent many people have seen the site? Let the press know it was something done locally, which has achieved global exposure.]

[Include a quote from one of your students about his or her involvement with the project. Did he/she discover anything interesting while researching the topic? ]

In addition to the cyber entries, judging for the competition also takes place online. Students review the projects of other schools by using a web-based evaluation tool designed by Global SchoolNet. The top forty entries are then reviewed by a panel of international judges, representing six continents, to determine the winners.

The winners of CyberFair will be announced in May of the current year.

You can learn more about CyberFair by visiting the website at http:/