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From: Global SchoolNet Foundation (
To: Approved Projects (all participants)
Subject: 2 more weeks to submit FINAL PROJECT and PROJECT NARRATIVE
Date: 04 Mar 2021 11:14 PST (GMT -8)

2 more weeks to submit FINAL PROJECT and PROJECT NARRATIVE

Read this message carefully. It contains important information to assist you in organizing and managing your project.

REMEMBER!! The deadline to submit BOTH your FINAL PROJECT and PROJECT NARRATIVE is March 22, 2021



If you need to make changes to your project description or Project Narrative, you can make the changes yourself by logging into your TIMELINE Checklist.




If you are unable to complete your Final Project by March 22, we encourage you to submit your project as a PROJECT-IN-PROGRESS. If you do so, and you review 6 entries from other schools, you will still get the benefit of the educational experience. Many educators have told us that the peer review process and having their students work with the evaluation rubric was the most valuable part of the program.

Project-in-Progress is designated in the "Final Project Notice" section. However, you must complete the narrative before you can do that. We suggest you complete as many fields as you can in the narrative. This is a good "reflective" piece that will get your students thinking and talking about their learning experience. Enter "not available" for the items that you're not able or prepared to answer. Then submit your narrative. To submit your final project notice, answer the yes/no certifications, and select "PROJECT-IN-PROGRESS."


3. PEER REVIEW APRIL 5-April 19, 2021 Your Peer Review assignments will be sent via email on April 1. => We must receive ALL of your COMPLETED reviews before April 19, 2021

To qualify for an award you MUST participate in the Peer Review. Plan adequate time on your calendar for the Peer Review process. This is an important step because your reviews are part of the official judging process. You MUST review all the projects that are assigned to you to be eligible for any awards. You are expected to leave DETAILED comments explaining your review ratings. Incomplete reviews will be disqualified.

Your reviews are NOT anonymous. Other people are depending on you to do a good job, in the same way that you depend on other teams to do a good job in reviewing your project. Each review will take approximately ONE HOUR, so please allow enough time to do a good job. And, please, please don't wait until the last minute. You know there are ALWAYS unexpected technical problems. Learn more about the PEER REVIEW at:


Sincerely, Your CyberFair Support Team

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