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Max & Bailey - two Golden Retrievers - will journey over 25,000 miles in their Harley-Davidson sidecars, bringing attention to the special needs of people with disabilities and highlighting the many ways that a Guide or Assistance Dog can help them lead more independent lives
Features of the Expedition
Hogs For Dogs is a volunteer-based, coalition charity dedicated to supporting canine-related not-for-profit organizations. By partnering with schools and students, Hogs For Dogs plants the seed for future generations of civic-minded individuals in the hopes that supporting charities and actively helping those in need will become a priority in their lives. Our educational message encourages children to understand the special circumstances of individuals with disabilities and to seek ways to help, rather than discriminating against them.
Max and Bailey's 2004 Ride Across America will carry them through each of the lower 48 states over a seven month period. Beginning from Raleigh, North Carolina on May 1st, the route will head west across the North Carolina mountains and into the heartlands of America before returning to the east coast and continuing in a counter-clockwise circle around the nation. The route will predominately follow the back roads and smaller highways, rather than traveling at warp speeds along US Interstates, with hundreds of stops along the way.
Time Line
May 2004 to November 2004
How to Participate
Blaine and Janet would be honored to spend time discussing their motorcycle adventure and the value of the service dog industry with your students. With special permission from your school, Max & Bailey will join them with their tails wagging from the sidecars. And where possible, a service dog and their owner from within your community will join us for the presentation. What better way to teach your students about service dogs? But you have to act fast. Once the Hogs For Dogs team passes through your state, they might not be able to return because of fundraising and educational commitments in other states.
Each month, Hogs For Dogs will publish two or more Dog Stories from service dog owners around the country. If you have a personal service dog story that you would like to share with us, please email  your story to:

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