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The Bancroft Arnesen Expedition Join Ann Bancroft of Minnesota and Liv Arnesen of Norway on their 100-day, 2,400-mile trek across Antarctica—in an average temperature of -30 degrees Fahrenheit, with winds gusting up to 100 miles per hour.
Since they were young girls, former teachers Ann and Liv dreamed of exploring remote parts of the world. Ann Bancroft and Liv Arnesen will make history as they achieve the longest ever ski trek by women and become the first all-woman team to cross Antarctica.

By using the Expedition to expand the walls of the classroom, Ann and Liv's goal is twofold: to inspire and promote the achievement of dreams for schoolchildren, and to make classroom learning exciting for teachers and children around the globe.

In 1986 Ann Bancroft was the first woman to travel over the ice to the North Pole. Ann and Liv have each led world-famous expeditions to the South Pole, Ann's in 1993 and Liv's 1994.
Time Line
In November 2000 Ann and Liv will fly to the Blue 1 Runway of the Fimbul Ice Shelf in Queen Maud Land, Antarctica. They will ski 1,500 miles along the Sigyn Glacier to the South Pole. The explorers will ski 900 miles across the Axel Heiberg Glacier to McMurdo Station on the Ross Ice Shelf. They will complete their traverse in February 2001 at McMurdo, then fly to Christchurch, New Zealand to celebrate, and then home to the United States and Norway.
The explorers will supplement the curriculum by communicating with students via, satellite phones, e-mail and other technology that can withstand frigid Antarctic conditions.
How to Participate
  • Biweekly interactive lessons corresponding with the Bancroft Arnesen Expedition. Sign up for regular updates on upcoming interactive lessons.
  • Curriculum that can be used to create a unit on the Bancroft Arnesen Expedition while following online at
  • Interdisciplinary K-6 curriculum incorporates life skills and focuses on science, language arts, art, health, social studies, geography, math, history, and physical education.
  • Be an Ambassador for the Bancroft Arnesen Expedition! Contact for information.
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