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Go climb a mountain—in Peru! That's what sixteen high school girls will attempt as they scale Nevado Chinchey, a 20,413-foot (6,222-meter) peak located in the Andes. This expedition, endorsed by Bancroft Arnesen Explore, will take you on a rugged climbing adventure led by experienced faculty and mountaineers. Students will travel across grasslands and rock slabs, join rope teams across a glacier, and employ technical climbing techniques to ascend the steep summit ridge.

Follow the International Non-Traditional Teaching Initiative (INTI) 2001 Expedition and participate in the online education program.

Features of the Expedition
Bancroft Arnesen Explore-endorsed expeditions enable girls to pursue theirINTI Expedition 2001 dreams and educators to inspire kids around the world. The first of these expeditions is the INTI 2001, an attempt to become the first all-girl high school group to climb a 6,222-meter peak as part of its graduation requirements.
The INTI 2001 expedition to Nevado Chinchey, located in the Peruvian Andes, will take the West Ridge Route from Quebrada Quilcaywanka.
Time Line
The expedition begins in early May 2001 and is expected to continue through the end of the month.
How to Participate
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  • Participate in the Bancroft Arnesen Explore education program
  • Read about the latest expedition highlights
  • Check the climbers' progress with the GPS tracking map
  • Join the affiliate school program designed for fifth- and sixth-grade classes
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 Areas Covered

Cultural studies
Mathematics and science
Critical-thinking skills



Expedition Leaders:
World-renowned climbers
Ret Talbot and Shari Kearney

Fourteen girls from Oldfields School in Glencoe, Maryland
Two girls from Wallenberg High School in San Francisco, California

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