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Last fall, the Blue Zones Team traveled to Okinawa to explore one of the longest-lived parts of the world and unlock their secrets.  Together with our online audience, we discovered 18 "ingredients" to the Okinawan longevity recipe, most of which kids could put to work in their own lives. 

Features of the Expedition
On January 29, 2007, National Geographic writer and explorer Dan Buettner and his team will take students on the next Blue Zones Quest, a three-week, inquiry-based, online, adventure learning project. Together they will unlock the secrets of longevity and learn skills for healthy living.  They will also have opportunities for inquiry learning, reading, geography, math, science and health.

The Blue Zones online Quest, curriculum guide and lessons are available free of charge at thanks to corporate sponsors Allianz and Davisco Foods.

Costa Rica
Costa Rica
Time Line
  • January 29, 2007
  • Post activities will follow
How to Participate
Visit each day for live written reports and interactive features.  Free registration grants you access to the voting features and curriculum resources.
Dan Buettner

"Live Large!"
Dan Buettner

Areas Covered
Learning about longevity.

World Geography & Culture
Civic Responsibility
Reading & Language Arts
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Dan Buettner
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Allianz is offering $50,000 in classroom awards to educators who best demonstrate innovation and effectiveness integrating a minimum of two of the Blue Zones programs.

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