Dear Friends, fact-finders, adventurers, and seekers of knowledge  . .


Our names are Naomi (age 12) and Jordan (age 14) and we would like to invite you on an adventure to Cambodia at .

We are in Cambodia with our parents (who are representing Rochester Community and Technical College [RCTC] in Rochester, MN), who are looking into the possibility of setting up a relationship with the Cambodian government and other charitable organizations so that preparatory schools might be built and staffed and give a high school education to poor and at-risk Cambodian kids. On our website, you can follow our journey all over Cambodia.

We are going on many journeys. We will visit and be staying in Phnom Penh, the capital of Cambodia, and will visit the provinces to see Cambodian elementary schools (1-6th grade). They are very poor and need classroom supplies. We will also visit orphanages and clinics that serve the poor.

On our visit, we want you to come with us over the internet. We will see the wonders of Cambodia—its people, countryside, its wonders, like Angkor Wat, etc.  For example, we will be going to Cambodian classrooms and interviewing students; in many ways they are the same as US students, but their lives are so very different. US students can learn what it is like for the average Cambodian kid to live and go to school (many do not have the chance, or cannot afford school), and what their lives are like outside of school.

Teachers: ask your students this question: “Imagine your country and yourself in the future. If wishes came true, what will it be like and what will you be?”  If you look at different photographs, ask the students to write what they think a particular photograph is or what it is for. For older students, follow the rubric at  under Cambodia: Country, Culture, and Children, under the project outcomes section.

 Thank you,

 Naomi and Jordan