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Camell Expedition
Travel over 17,000 kilometers around Australia—with camels! Focus is on environmental and cultural awareness. Relevant links include "Dromedary Digest", a monthly e-newsletter providing progress updates and even profiles of the camels.

Features of the Expedition

Teletext CAMELL (Circumnavigating Australia Motivating Environmentalists at Local Levels) is an exciting, IT-oriented expedition attempting the first-ever circumnavigation of Australia by camel. Incorporated into this objective is an on-line educational project for schoolchildren, focusing on the environment and cultural awareness.
This expedition covers the continent of Australia. Its objectives are to reach the four extremities of the Australian mainland—Byron Bay (easternmost), Wilson's Promontory (southernmost), Steep's Point (westernmost), and Cape York (northernmost)—then return to Byron Bay to complete the circumnavigation. It has never been achieved before with camels.
Time Line
This project commenced in December of 1996 and is anticipated to be completed in mid 2001.
How to Participate
Just log on to

You can also submit your e-mail address there for automatic updates.

The nature of the expedition precludes much direct interaction with the explorers; however, teachers can track this adventure online, e-mail the participants, and get great ideas for lesson plans.



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  Areas Covered

Route Planning
Food and Water Supplies
Fuel Requirements
Technical Support
Safety Precautions

Co-leader Lewis Bailey and Expedition Leader Alex Bannister with Camel.


Alexandria Bannister
Lewis Bailey


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