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India February 2013

Join Explorer Kids in India!

You may be asking, "What does Kerala in Southern India have to do with me?" You might be surprised to learn that early humans migrated from Africa to fertile Kerala about 70,000 years ago and from there populated the rest of the earth.  This means that unless you are pure African, your ancient descendants once lived here. 

India has a fascinating history and Kerala is known for its abundant marine life and other wildlife.  We are going to: visit scenic beaches, night fish with local fishermen, stand on the tip of India where three oceans (Indian Ocean, Bay of Bengal, and Arabian Sea) all meet, houseboat on a traditional wood river boat, explore the Thekkady Wildlife Sanctuary, visit a Spice Plantation (remember that Christopher Columbus was originally looking for a faster passage to the spices of India when he accidentally discovered America and mistakenly called the people "Indians"), see a demonstration of the martial arts of Kerala, look for the rare and endangered Nilgiri Thar (a type of mountain goat), see a unique type of fishing net that is hung in the air, and even bathe with elephants!

So many fascinating things to learn about!  Send in your questions as soon as possible so that I can ask the local Kerala experts to answer them for you on my trip.  And, be sure to follow along on our journey here on Global School Net.    

Send me your questions and I will find the answers to them on my adventure. 

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