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Mick Bird
Row around the world!
Join Mick Bird on his 26,000-mile voyage around the world aboard his boat Reach. Follow along through his daily reports as he rides out 35-foot waves in the Coral Sea, gets hunting bows pointed at him from Solomon Island tribesmen, and loses a paddling race with a sea turtle on the equator.

Features of the Expedition

Trans-Oceanic helps teach through adventure and fun by focusing on applicable Math, Science, and Geography lessons.

Mick has already rowed across the Pacific Ocean from California to Australia. His next voyages will take him across the Indian Ocean to Africa, then across the Atlantic Ocean to the Caribbean, then back to Hawaii.
Time Line

Mick shoved off in 1997 and is scheduled to finish rowing around the world in 2002.

How to Participate
  • Read the "Daily Reports From Sea"

  • Watch this page for lesson updates

  • Watch this page for schedules of live satellite phone interviews from sea

  • E-mail questions to Mick

  • Register to leave messages to Mick and read others from around the world


The nature of the expedition precludes much direct interaction with the explorers; however, teachers can track this adventure online, e-mail the participants, and get great ideas for lesson plans.

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The Oceans
Marine life
Dream It and Begin It


Mick Bird


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