Online Expeditions: Spirit of Shackleton

Spirit of Shackleton
Follow adventurers Conrad Anker, Bob Wallace, Dave German and the Fathom Explorer as they voyage into the ice. Share in their experiences as they boat, trek, and climb their way from the Antarctic Peninsula to the Falkland Islands.

Features of the Expedition


Expedition Leader, Dave German

Learn the history of Terra Australis Incognito – a landmass that remained the subject of myth for over 1500 years. Discover the unique wildlife that inhabits the icy waters and coastline of the coldest continent on earth. Find out what issues face Antarctica today, and how they are being resolved.


Antarctic Peninsula to the Falkland Islands

Map of Antarctica

Time Line

Live portion of this  project will begin in February 24, 2003

How to Participate

Keep posted via e-mail as reports are posted. Or, you can visit our web site at:

The EXPLORER PROJECT will carry daily updates from their interactive trip journal.  Incorporated into this objective is an on-line educational project for schoolchildren, focusing on the environment, leadership and ecological  awareness.

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    King Penguin Colony

    King Penguin Colony, South Georgia

    Earth Sciences
    Environmental Sciences
    Evidence Tracking
    Safety Precautions

    Shackleton shipwreck

    Shackleton's ship crushed by Weddell Sea Pack


    Team Members



    Spectacular Neko Harbour

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