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Road to Washington

Join video journalist, Phillip K. Ireland, on his inauguration expedition adventure. 

Features of the Expedition
On January 12, 2009 video journalist (and former teacher), Phillip K. Ireland, began driving 3,000 miles from San Diego to Washington DC, stopping at small towns along across the USA and interviewing people about the upcoming new administration - their hopes, their needs and their expectations.

Focusing on a new theme each day, there will be  opportunities for inquiry learning, reading, and geography skills.

San Diego, California to Washington, DC

Capitol Building, Washington, DC
Time Line
January 12-20, 2009


How to Participate

Students, teachers, parents and community members are invited to follow along on this once in a lifetime adventure, via written journals, photos and video reports.

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Phillip K. Ireland

Phillip K. Ireland

Personal invitation
and video reports


Areas Covered

Obama Swearing In Ceremony

US Geography & Culture
Government & Civic Responsibility
Reading & Language Arts

 Map of United States
3,000 miles across the USA


  • Phillip K. Ireland
  • Students,  teachers, parents, & community members worldwide
  • And, you!





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