GSN Projects Registry Guidelines

GSN's Projects Registry (and its companion mailing list HILITES) are reserved exclusively for classroom teachers and other bonafide classroom project coordinators to announce online collaborative learning projects which engage students from two or more classrooms with one another in various learning projects and activities.

Generally, we will accept any project announcement which shows some planning and thinking about the project activities, and which includes activities, products, or outcomes that also benefit contributing classes. In other words, your project must include some sort of learning "payback" or process participation for the classes you are asking to help.

We do not post surveys, questions, requests for information, announcements, requests for pen pals or sister classes, requests for postcards or "hello" messages, or any other messages which do not specify and support concrete learning activities that engage and benefit students in all participating classes.

It is important to design a project with specific goals, specific tasks, and specific outcomes. The more specific, the better; the more closely aligned with traditional instructional objectives, the better.

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