Santa Claus

Letters to Santa

Writing Prompts

Writing Prompts for Primary Students

"What should I write to Santa?"

Writing Prompts for Secondary Students

Copy, Duplicate and pass out this guide to your "Santa" team.

Thinking Like Santa:

The letters you will be receiving were written by elementary school students who live in _____________, which is located about ______ miles due ______________ of here. These students think they are writing to the real Santa Claus. Your task is to write back to the students, as Santa might.

They will be thrilled to get a personalized letter from Santa. So, be sure to answer all their questions and tell them things about how you think Santa lives. Some things you might want to mention in your letter are:

Do not promise your children that they will definitely get any particular present that they are asking for, as we do not want them to be disappointed on Christmas morning. You might say that you need to check with their mom or dad, first.

Your letters will be sent back to the children via email.