Explanation of Project Narrative

Your project must contain a CyberFair Project Narrative that provides important information about your project to the judges and other viewers of your site.

IMPORTANT: The CyberFair Project Narrative must be submitted using the project narrative form located in your personal CyberFair Checklist.

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IMPORTANT: The purpose of CyberFair is to encourage schools and their communities to use the Internet to support student achievement, establish partnerships, share resources, and work together to accomplish common goals.

The theme for CyberFair 2024 is COLLABORATE & Unite!

Let's unite to protect our communities, our environment, our culture, our health, our animals, and our future.

"In collaboration we find strength, support, and the power to overcome any challenge. Magic happens when we collaborate with an open heart and a shared vision." ~Unknown

As part of your CyberFair Project Narrative you will document how your project addresses both the purpose and the theme of CyberFair.

The deadline for submitting BOTH your Project Narrative and your final CyberFair project is midnight - on the deadline date. Check the timeline for deadline dates.

An outstanding project narrative will tell an interesting story about your project and its impact upon student learning and within your community. It will clearly show how the project meets or exceeds objectives for both the CyberFair contest and the category in which it's entered.

Teachers and students should work together to complete the Project Narrative. Discuss each section with the students. Brainstorm ideas and wording. Assign a small group of students to create a  draft. Discuss their draft with the group until the group reaches a consensus, and then have another group complete this form. If time represents a problem the teacher may take the lead, but the input and consensus of your students should be an integral part of the final completion of this form.

  • Defines Your Community
    Your narrative defines your "community" and shows how your project brought this community together to "share and unite" around a common goal. Your narrative should clearly describe the project's contribution to both your local community and to the global Internet community. Of course, the contents of your project web pages should support the claims you make in the project narrative.
  • Chronicles Your Project
    The Project Narrative is a valuable chronicle of your project for your parents, administrators, and members of your community to help them understand and appreciate your efforts and accomplishments in putting this project together. The Project Narrative "documents" the student learning that has occurred.
  • Hyperlinks to Your Project
    The Project Narrative page contains a hyperlink directly to your CyberFair project so that visitors will understand the story behind the creation of your CyberFair project.
  • Bibliography Required: You must include a hyperlink to your project bibliography where you should cite relevant sources for the information in your project. In the past, the evaluation rubric addressed in a general way how well you cited your sources. However, the rubric now requires that you have a specific bibliography page where you cite all of your sources.

Former CyberFair teachers reported that completing the Project Narrative was a valuable and worthwhile activity. This kind of reflection and reporting will be a useful conclusion to your learning project. Many schools have used the information in their Project Narratives to apply for grants and to makes reports to their school boards and to the local media.

arrowbl2.jpg (1140 bytes) Important: The CyberFair Project Narrative must be submitted using the project narrative form. You may access the project narrative form in your personal CyberFair Checklist.

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