Doors to Diplomacy Categories


  • Doors to Diplomacy Theme:
    Diplomacy and international issues affect individual citizens, as well as governments and businesses worldwide.
  • Please select one of the following eight sub-categories for your Doors to Diplomacy research project.
  • Discussion questions and starter activities within each category are provided as guidelines to help you get started.
  • National Content Standards have been provided for USA Schools. Learn more

    Doors to Diplomacy: World Leadership Traits

    Leadership Traits
    Produce a website that teaches about the skills, traits, and characteristics which make an individual a great world leader.

    Doors to Diplomacy: Peace and Democracy: Social Issues

    Peace and Democracy: Social Issues
    Produce a website that teaches about international human rights, fair elections and judicial reform.

    Doors to Diplomacy: Business, Trade, and Economics CATEGORY 3
    Business, Trade, and Economics
    Produce a website that teaches how multi-national investment and trade promotes better relations and works to improve the overall welfare of the global population.
    Doors to Diplomacy: Science and Technology CATEGORY 4
    Science and Technology

    Produce a website that teaches about science and technology issues which have varied national perspectives (i.e. the ethics of cloning, genetically modified crops, international space collaboration, etc.).
    Doors to Diplomacy: Safety and Security CATEGORY 5
    Safety and Security

    Produce a website that raises awareness about peacekeeping efforts, combating terrorism, and nonproliferation of weapons of mass destruction.
    Doors to Diplomacy: History of Foreign Relations CATEGORY 6
    History of Foreign Relations

    Produce a website that teaches about past foreign policy initiatives and significant historical events in diplomacy.
    Doors to Diplomacy: Health and Environmental Awareness CATEGORY 7
    Health and Environmental Awareness

    Produce a website that teaches about how countries can work together to address health and environmental issues (i.e. to protect natural resources, eliminate world hunger, promote better healthcare access, etc.).
    Doors to Diplomacy: Arts & Culture CATEGORY 8
    Arts and Culture

    Produce a website that teaches how countries and regions can build better relationships through the sharing and promoting of international arts and culture.