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Basic Project Information

Title: Newsday February - May, 2023 (ID:2662)

Begin & End Dates:2/13/2023 to 5/11/2023)

Number of Classrooms: 15-20

Age Range:  10 - 16 Years

Target Audience: Anyone

Summary: Your students write news articles and then submit them to the "Newsday" newswire on March 22-25, 20nn.

Then they produce their own newspaper based on the articles submitted by all of the participating classes. You send a copy of your newspaper to all other participants on May 3-7, 20nn.

You then receive copies of newspapers published by the other classes.

It's a wonderful literacy project.

Key Words: Newspaper, Writing, Literacy, publish, publishing

Project Details

Project Level: Basic Project

Curriculum Fit: Arts; Business; Community Interest; English as Foreign Language; Information Technology; International Relations; Language; Multicultural Studies; Social Studies; Technology

Technologies Used: Discussion Forum; Email; List server; Postal Mail; Web-published; Text: stories; essays; letters

Collaboration Styles Used: Electronic Publishing; Information Exchange; Peer Feedback

Full Project Description:

Newsday has been a long-time favorite project at the Global Schoolhouse since it was introduced on the FrEdMail Network in the 1980's.

The complete project description, along with extensive curriculum support materials to help you conduct the project, are at


This is a great literacy activity for readers of all ages and skill levels.

Your students will READ and WRITE:

They like to write their own news articles, and they love to read the news articles written by all of the other participatings classes.

At the conclusion of the project, your students will publish their own hard-copy newspaper, and receive a copy of the newspapers published by the other classes.

We also welcome those who publish their newspapers electronically on the Web.

Project URL:

Project Sponsor: Global SchoolNet Foundation

Registration Information

Registration Status: OPEN

Registration Dates: 1/07/2023 to 2/16/2023

Registration Instructions:

View the complete timeline at

Send email to

Project Coordinator Information

Global SchoolNet Foundation
Encinitas, California, United States