Example Newsday Timeline

Note: This is an EXAMPLE timeline, and the dates are only approximate.
If you would like to organize a Newsday Project, you should adjust the dates to work around your school calendar, weekends, and school holidays.

Key benchmarks or deadlines are indicated in red

Friday, 13 February- Friday, May 10 2023
Register for Newdsday:
Review the Call for Collaboration which announced this project. (opens new window)
Sat, 13-Feb  -  Sat, 20-Mar 2023
Hello Messages:
Introduce yourselves by sending your "Hello Message" to all members of the Newsday group (project coordinator will email you the addresses).

Your hello message should tell the kinds of things that will give other students a good idea of who you are and about the place you live. It may contain things like:

  •  several brief descriptions of your class, school, neighborhood, and community.
  • Surveys and lists of favorite books, foods, styles of music, hobbies, and so on.
  • 3-4-sentence descriptions of each participating student (first names only, please).
  • Other ideas?
Sat, 13-Feb  -  Mon, 22-Mar 2023
Plan, Research and Report:
(Note: you must be a registered participant to view these materials.)
Mon, 22-Mar  -  Thu, 25-Mar 2023
NewsWeek - Post articles:
Send ten student-written news articles via email to the Newsday mailing list for other classes to review.
Each article should be prepared and submitted as its own email message.
See the Newsday Project Guidelines
Thu, 25-Mar  -  Wed, 05-May 2023
Layout & Publish:
Look at your email or log into the newsday forum archive to download articles to use in your newspaper.

Select and edit articles from the news wire, and combine them with local articles.

Layout and publish your newspaper.
Mon, 03-May  -  Fri, 07-May 2023
Mail & Post:
Mail a copy of your printed newspaper to each of the other participating schools (project coordinator will email you the addresses).
Also, please send a copy of your newsletter to The Global SchoolNet Foundation at newsday@globalschoolnet.org. They will post it in their Newsday archive
Mon, 10-May  -  Fri, 14-May 2023
All Newspapers Received:
Sit back and enjoy one another's newspapers.