Report of Information: Introduction

This lesson plan was based on a Telelesson originally written by Steve Pinney under a grant from the California State Department of Education.

You may use this lesson to help your students learn how to write their own news articles for Newsday.


This is an adaptable lesson for student news report writing. A large group lesson is included to emphasize that important information is included in all good news articles.Student teams work together to identify information categories and use local newspapers to practice identifying types. Students learn critical thinking, summarizing, and writing skills.

Students will use the categories of good reporting (who, what, when,where, why and how) to write their own newspaper article. Teams of 3 or 4 students will write the articles for compilation.

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Audience/Target Population

This telelesson can be adapted and used with students in upper elementary and junior high. It could form the basis for lessons at the high school level.

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Sequence of Events

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Learning Objectives

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Background Information

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