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These prompts will help you write a news article. Read through these instructions. Each time you see an instruction beginning with "" write the information on your paper or in your word processing file.


Every news article has a headline to attract the attention of the reader. The headline must state the topic of the news in a strong, short phrase or statement.

  • Awards Assembly for 8th Grade Fire Burns Library!
  • Trojans Topple Sea Kings in Tennis

  • Now write a strong headline phrase for your news article.

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Since this is YOUR news article you need to let the reader know WHO wrote it. The line with your name on it is called the "By" line because it tells BY whom the article is written.

  • Write the word "By" followed by your first and last name.
  • On the next line, write your School, City, and State.

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Lead Paragraph:

This paragraph will help you to write your LEAD paragraph. A lead paragraph offers the reader information in a few short sentences which answer the questions:
        Who? What? Where? When? Why?.
The next few directions will help you to draft your opening sentences.

  • Write the name or names of the person or thing this news is about.
  • Write a phrase or sentence which describes the place where this news occurred.
  • Write the day, date, and time of day this news occurred.
  • Explain in a short sentence what happened.

Almost all news has a reason for happening. Why something happened the way it did is important to the reader.

  • Tell why this news item occurred.

Now look back at the elements of your lead paragraph and think about how you could write a few, short sentences which includes everything you wrote down.

  • Write one or more short, complete sentences which include all of the information that your wrote.

After you finish writing, re-read your sentences to yourself to make sure that they sound right.

You have now told your audience who did the news, when it occurred, and why and what happened. You also told the reader where it took place. You have completed the LEAD paragraph.

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Supportive Paragraphs:

This part will help you write the supportive paragraphs for this news article. Supportive paragraphs tell the reader HOW the news occurred.

  • Write a sentence which explains what was the first thing to happen?
  • Tell what happened next.
  • Continue telling what happened.

Eyewitness accounts to this news may be very interesting to your reader.

  • Write some of the comments from people who actually saw this news happen. Tell what THEY saw happen (Be sure to use quotation marks).

What others think of this news is also important.

  • Tell what the eyewitness thought about this news.

As a reporter, you may also state what effect this news may have on others.

  • What might this news event do to the people in the neighborhood?

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Re-Read and Edit:

You should now have the "meat" for a news article with several paragraphs. Re-read what you have written. Are all of your sentences complete? Do they say what you want them to say? Rewrite your sentences where you need to and put them into paragraphs.

Indent your paragraphs, and double space between them.

Capital letters go at the beginning of each sentence and at the beginning of names and places.

Check for correct spelling.

Does your headline accurately describe your news story? If not, make up a new headline.

Save this article on your disk with a good, descriptive name.

Print out two copies of this article. Keep one, and give the other to your team leader.

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