Who makes the Newspaper?

Newspaper Sections:

News Classified Weather Astrology/Star Signs
Finance Real Estate Crosswords Sports
Politics Advertising Social Gossip TV/Cinema Guide
Cartoons Headlines Fashion Book/Movie Reviews

Newspaper Workers:

Reporter Typist Copy Writer Meteorologist
Lawyer Editor Designer Collator
Writer Researcher Cartoonist Sales person
Advertiser Delivery

Leadership Positions:

Editor in Chief
Supervises and coordinates the entire newspaper production system and every phase of production. Has final say on job assignments, editorial policy, news content and layout.

Managing Editor
Organizes the journalists to cover particular stories and feature items. Responsible for seeing that the reports are finished. Also oversees the assembly, printing and distribution of the paper.

Editorial Writer
Writes statements of editorial opinion for the newspaper. The comments should reflect the attitude of the majority of the class or group involved in producing the paper.

Copy Editor
Checks each story for accuracy, style, and grammatical errors. Also indicates how corrections can be carried out.

News Editor
Assemble the stories and prepares the pattern of layout for each page. Also responsible to write headlines for each article.

Art Staff
Responsible for the graphics on the page. Also design or arrange the heading for the paper.

Gather information and write the articles and stories. Usually they have a specific area or topic to cover, e.g., world news, current affairs, politics, human interest, sports, etc.

Feature Writers
Research and write special features and articles. These can cover a wide range of topics.

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