Document Sharing Tools  

Tool Features:
Document Sharing enables you to share your presentations and documents with other participants. You many set the permissions to view only, or allow others to edit and revise the documents.

Numerous programs have document sharing features. For example, NetMeeting allows multiple participants to access and work on the same document. Microsoft Word has document tracking and version control features. Other tools, like Snagit, make it easy to grab screen shots and add them to presentations or reports. Tools such as Camtasia Studio allow you to record, edit and share videos of any action on a Windows desktop.

Typical Document Sharing Needs:
Document sharing generally consists of the following tasks:

Editing — ways to write and edit a document
Library — ways to reuse existing documents
Versions — managing different versions of a document
Workflow — making sure important contributors to the process are involved
Production — producing the final result

Where Tool Can Be Found:

  • NetMeeting

  • Snagit

  • Camtasia