Email and E-Card Tools

Tool Features:

Email is the most widely used communication tool. It is asynchronous, requiring minimal bandwidth and is in most cases instantaneous. It allows for one to one communication, or one to many. Features may include audio, video and image attachments, language translation, SPAM control, virus protection, offline readers, calendar and address book integration. Effective collaboration using email requires a minimal level of reading and writing.

Caution:  Free Internet services often have a great deal of advertising, some  which may inappropriate for children. Also be advised that when using some "free" Internet services, the information you provide can be tracked and may be distributed to other organizations.  It is recommended that you create account with one of the free services first, and then use this account when registering for other free Internet services.

Where Tools Can Be Found:

  • ePals - free/pay/*kid friendly

  • Gaggle - free/pay/*kid friendly
  • Hotmail - free

  • MyWay - free/pay/*no ads


  • Virtual Postcards - free

  • Yahoo Mail - free

*kid friendly denotes resources that aim to provide a safe environment for student use.

Examples of Tool Implementation for Collaboration:

Fairy Tale and Folk Tale Cyberdictionairy Project