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Sharing information via web publishing is one of the most effective ways to collaborate. You are able to  showcase work and create a portfolio for content that can be accessed by anyone worldwide with web access. The best web sites will increase in value when site visitors contribute. These web sites often contain interactive features, such as survey tools, message boards, and guestbooks, which let visitors add content, or provide feedback.

Tool Features:
Features may include design templates, navigation buttons, banners, clipart, photo albums, guestbooks, maps, message boards, audio, music, survey tools, statistic counters, weather reports, web hosting, etc. Typically, free storage space is limited to 5-30 MB.

Caution:  Free Internet services often have a great deal of advertising, some  which may inappropriate for children. Also be advised that when using some "free" Internet services, the information you provide can be tracked and may be distributed to other organizations.  It is recommended that you create account with one of the free services first, and then use this account when registering for other free Internet services. 

Where Tools Can Be Found:

*kid friendly denotes resources that aim to provide a safe environment for student use.

Examples of Tool Implementation for Collaboration: