Writing Prompts

These prompts are divided into two parts. The first part will help you think of questions and plan an interview which you will conduct.

After you conduct an interview you will use the second part to help you write a three hundred word feature article from your notes.

Your interview and article will focus on describing the hard times of the person you interviewed. Your article must include a specific incident that the person related to you. It must contain direct quotes from your interviewee. And it must contain your own reflections on what you learned about hard times in general.

Read through these instructions. Each time you see an instruction beginning with ">>>" write the information on your paper or in your word processing file.

Part 1: Planning the Interview

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Part 2: Drafting your Article

You may find the prompts below helpful as you create your first draft. You may prefer to use a different order than suggested below. Or, you may prefer to develop your article on your own. If you use the guide below, have your interview notes in front of you as you respond to the

As you respond to each prompt below, do NOT try and "polish" the article as you go along. This is a time to capture ideas and thoughts. You will reorganize and polish your draft at the end.

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