Student Writing Sample

Hard Times in Vietnam
by Tuan Pham
(from writing directions that did not include reflection)

Hard Times in Vietnam:

Yesterday I interviewed my sister about one of her especially hard times in her life.

She answered quickly, "I will probably never forget the day when the communists declared they would change the monetary system. We were in our country and you were a little boy of three years old.

"Can you imagine it? One day I woke up and there was an announcement on the radio and on the TV and in the newspaper that nobody was allowed to go anywhere until noon. Everybody must stay home!

"The reason was the monetary system being used was declared no more valuable. The news scared me to death. Just imagine all your savings lost in one day. Then we were asked to come to a place where everybody was given some small amount of money.

"I was in despair. I wondered how long our family was going to survive. In fact, everybody was in the same situation, but nobody dared to say a word. No freedom, you know."

My sister stopped a while, then said softly, "That is why we are here now...."

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