International Schools CyberFair – Participant Quotes



"Participating in this CyberFair project helped my students learn about their town government. I saw their understanding and knowledge about government blossom."
Chris Osieja, teacher, Nutley School District

"This research has brought changes to the relationships between our school and local community, and also between teachers and students."
Jian-wen Tsao, teacher, Yuan Dou Junior High

"I think this project is very significant. It had made me learn so much and love my hometown more!"
Wei-Shio, student, Hemei Primary

"We began to care for the place we live in, for community affairs, and with our newly learned computer skills, kept a wonderful record of our hometown."
Students, ages 10-11, Hong-Yep Primary School

"Our participation in the CyberFair project has enriched our knowledge of our school and our community by opening us up to a whole world of new activities."
Students, ages 11-14, Fallston Middle

"I had fun working on the project with my friends and I am glad that I have found some ways to preserve my community."
Student, Wellsville Elementary

"This project gave students an opportunity to communicate with members of our local community and to share a common interest."
Louise Latham, teacher, Jurien Bay District High

"This project is filled with positive educational outcomes. Children learn to reach out to the community for assistance and information. Their efforts make an impact on uniting the community."
Teacher, Curepe Presbyterian

"This project was a learning partnership where students were given opportunities to make a significant contribution to the community."
Teacher, LET Academy

"CyberFair gives you a reason to connect yours students with their communities."
Teacher, Millennium Middle

"We discovered that we play a bigger part than we thought in our community because people were willing to help and were letting us express our ideas."
Students, age 13, S.T. Worden Public School

"The CyberFair project gave us a chance to influence and make changes in a community on a large-scale basis."

Students, ages 12-16, Singapore Chinese Girls' School

"Communications between parents and children were enriched as the students encouraged the participation of their parents."

Teacher, Dabang Primary

"We learned how to communicate with the community and work together with our school, friends and relatives."

Students, age 17, St. Paul's Secondary

"Participation in International Schools CyberFair has been a rewarding experience for the students that completed this project because it allowed us to share a piece of our community with the world."
Lisa Monteith, teacher, W. W. Lewis Middle


Reading/Writing/Research Skills

"The whole process helped the students immensely with their listening comprehension, and their speaking, reading and writing skills in a comprehensive manner."
Shu-i leng, teacher, Piho Primary School

"The state of Oregon has been really into having us improve our writing and reading skills and this project helped us continue to do that because we had to present our information in a correct grammatical and interesting way using our writing skills appropriately."
Students, ages 15-18, Heppner High

"We learned how to make the most use of the Internet and also learned the skills of building web pages. We learned how to analyze a problem and solve it step by step."
Students, ages 14-15, Sin-hua Junior High



"In addition to increasing our knowledge in science, we have learned skills like how to organize a team to work on a project, communicate with people, and also the importance of cooperation."
Students, ages 11-13, Jaw Nan Elementary

"The project helped us cultivate good habits for scientific research, such as actively discovering questions, offering evidence, and carefully doing research."
Students, ages 13-16, An-nan Junior High

"This project provided an opportunity to review and apply the information that the students have learned from the required subjects such as Earth Science, Biology and Chemistry. They had to learn how to differentiate and organize information that they collected from the library and Internet. They also had to learn how to make a conclusion and find evidence to support it."
Teacher, Tsoying Senior High



"Students really understood that history is "living," not only something that happened hundreds or thousands of years ago."
Bill Bush, teacher, International School of Latvia


Computer/Internet Skills

"We think that using the Internet for teaching and learning is not only more effective than traditional methods but it is practical and interesting."
Students, ages 14-17, Instituto Jujeño de Inglés

"This project has introduced the students and parents to the power of the Internet to promote learning and connect students to enriching resources."
Brenda Dyck, 6th grade teacher, Master's Academy and College

"After we completed our project, our students become more confident of themselves not only on the ability to master computer skills, but also on the ability to organize and carry out a project. Furthermore, they understand the importance of cooperation."
Teacher, Yu Chang Junior High



"Through the entire course of the project, we learned many new skills like management of time, teamwork, and to make use of different software and the Internet to scout for relevant information."
Students, ages 14-16, Raffles Girls' School (Secondary)

"The experience of participating in International Schools CyberFair was a completely new way of learning compared to learning stuff from the textbooks."
Students, ages 11-12, LuChiang Primary

"We think that through project learning we can learn more efficiently than through the traditional way."
Students, ages 10-11, PLK Grandmont Primary

"Our CyberFair project was a sound educational opportunity for everyone involved. Standards were touched upon in several different content areas."
Kara Sweger, teacher, Wellsville Elementary

"The most exciting aspect of this project was that students practiced and mastered so many skills while enjoying themselves."
Darlene Letourneau, teacher, Martel Elementary

"The process of completing the CyberFair project was an enriching one, teaching us many skills which we could not have learned from our academic lessons."
Qi Zhao, student, Raffles Institution (Secondary)

"We learned how to explore a question and look at it from any different aspects, understood how to work together as a team, and improved our interview skills. All this combined helped us to create a very meaningful project."
Students, age 17, Taipei Municipal Chung Cheng Senior High

"The benefit students received from this research cannot be acquired from normal teaching materials."
Teacher, Sin Pi Primary

"Our students were eager to get up an hour early and attend a special class to get this project completed. That says that this learning was important to these students."

Teacher, Harris Middle

"The CyberFair competition has a great meaning to us. Not only does it support our curriculum requirements, it also surpasses them and brings us new skills and experiences, and new methods of learning."
Ewa Karolewska, teacher, XIII Liceum Ogolnoksztalcace


"Through our participation in CyberFair, we experienced authentic learning, and had the opportunity to share we have learned about the endangered animals of Hawaii to the world."
Students, ages 9-11, Enchanted Lake Elementary

"After the project, students not only have more confidence about themselves, but also know more about their own culture."
Teacher, Jin-Yue Elementary

"From the project, we learned that learning in school does not only occur through textbooks and worksheets. Learning can take place outside of the classroom through the Internet and excursions."
Students, ages 9-11, Enchanted Lake Elementary

"Our CyberFair project has served as a catalyst of change in our school. Students, teachers and administrators are recognizing the incredible power of students guiding their own work and sharing that work with the world!"
Thomas Lechner, Nagoya International High