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CyberFair 2007 Winners!
CyberFair: Empower and Unite!

CyberFair engages students in powerful educational story-telling activities, which benefit students and their communities. So, enjoy your virtual journey around the globe and learn how education can unite people and communities.

Congratulations to all International Schools CyberFair 2007 students and teachers!

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  1. Local Leaders
  2. Community Groups & Special Populations
  3. Local Business
  4. Local Specialties
  5. Local Attractions (Natural & Man Made)
  6. Historical Landmarks
  7. Environmental Awareness
  8. Local Music, Art & Culture

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CATEGORY 1: Local Leaders back to top  


CyberFair Winner - Diagnosing Taiwan – Doctor Chiang Wei-shui

Diagnosing Taiwan – Doctor Chiang Wei-shui
Kang Chiao Bilingual School
Taipei, Taiwan

Come for tales from Huang Ta Yu – Huang Chun-Ming & his Kid Troupe
Li Ming Elementary School
Ilan City, Taiwan

CyberFair Winner - Come for tales from Huang Ta Yu – Huang Chun-Ming & his Kid Troupe


The Farm Child Shu-gen Li
Yuan-An Primary School
Luye Township, Taitung County, Taiwan

Delaware Community Leaders
Newark Charter School,
Newark, Delaware, United States


The Formosa Chamomile - Chen Chu 
Kaohsiung Senior High School
Kaohsiung, Taiwan 

Famous Delawareans
Harry O. Eisenberg Elementary School
New Castle, Delaware, United States 

Honorable Mention

Lancashire Leaders
St. Paul's C.E. School
Bolton, Lancashire, United Kingdom  

Honorable Mention

The Creative Side of Engineering
St. Albans City School
St. Albans, Vermont, United States

CATEGORY 2: Community Groups and Special Populations back to top  

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CyberFair Winner - Racial Harmony - It's the Cohesion in our Community

Racial Harmony - It's the Cohesion in our Community
Raffles Institution

Dancing in the Forest--Siraya Culture Association
Sin-Hua Junior High School
Tainan County, Taiwan

CyberFair Winner - Dancing in the Forest--Siraya Culture Association


Wonderful Huarui Tibetan Culture
Westland Junior High School
Wuwei, Gansu Province, China


Respect the Dignity Life - The Heart Lotus Palliative Care Ward
Tzu Chiang Primary School
Hua-Lien, Taiwan


Never Give Up - Loving Mothers
Hong Yeh Elementary School
Wanrong Shiang, Hualien, Taiwan


The Influence of Buxiban Culture on Nanyang Street in Taipei City
Taipei Municipal Jianguo High
Taipei City, Taiwan


Hui Culture
Wuzhong Hui Middle School
 Wuzhong, Ningxia, China


Homeland under the Clouds – Good-bye Paiwan
Jiayi Elementary School
Ping-Tung, Taiwan


Wingless Angels
Sandow Elementary School
Shulin City, Taipei 


Directing the Last Scene in Life—Life Ceremonialist
Daan Elementary School
Taipei, Taiwan

Honorable Mention

Virtual Trip to International Plowing Match
Athens District High School
Athens, Ontario, Canada


Out of Silence
Sarada Vidya Mandir
Uttar Dinajpur, West Bengal, India


Youth, Shine!
Batangas State University
Batangas City, Philippines


Women Are In
National High School
Iligan City, Lanao del Norte, Philippines


The Hutsuls-The Carpathians Mystery
The National College Eudoxiu Hurmuzachi
Radauti, Romania

Honorable Mention

Singapore Gals
Singapore: CHIJ St. Nicholas Girls' School


The Blind Children’s Lighthouse – Private Huei-Ming School
Ming-Dao High School
Taichung County, Taiwan


Wonderful Life
YuDa High School of Commerce and Home Economics
Taipei, Taiwan


Pompton Lakes: Then, Now, and Forever
Lakeside Middle School
Pompton Lakes, New Jersey, United States


CATEGORY 3: Local Business back to top  


 CyberFair Winner - A Story Paradise Filled with Laughter – A-fu’s Bookstore

A Story Paradise Filled with Laughter – A-fu’s Bookstore
LuChiang Primary School
Taipei, Taiwan

With Dreams Taking off From 23.5 Degrees
Bei-huei Elementary School
Chiayi County, Taiwan

CyberFair Winner - With Dreams Taking off From 23.5 Degrees


Sweet Flavor – Dahesong Salico
Shuang-Yuan Elementary School
Taipei, Taiwan


To Sprout from the Earth---LuJou Farmers' Association
Ren-ai Elementary
Luzhou City, Taipei County, Taiwan


The Old Friend Who Cannot Be Washed Off By The Years
Tong De Elementary School
Taoyuan, Taiwan


Dreams for a Fair Future: Insights from Bangladesh
American International School/Dhaka
Gulshan, Dhaka, Bangladesh

Lian-Fa Rice Milling Factory
Hsin Chia Elementary School
Houbi Township, Taiwan


The Thing Only Girls Can Wear, The Curious Topic
Shou-Shan Junior High School
Taoyuan, Taiwan


Honorable Mention

Shine Regung Art
Huangzhong Vocational Middle School
Qinghai, Xining, China


Youth for Environment in School Organization
Iligan City East High School
Lanao del Norte, Iligan City, Philippines

Honorable Mention

Mass Rapid Transit :: SINGAPORE ::
River Valley High School


CATEGORY 4: Local Specialties back to top  


 CyberFair Winner - Wonderful! Pineapple Pastries Being Gold Bricks

Wonderful! Pineapple Pastries Being Gold Bricks
Taipei Municipal Guangfu Elementary School
Taipei, Taiwan

The Miracle Fish Taiwan Tilapia
Yizhu Elementary School
Chiayi County, Tawian

CyberFair Winner - The Miracle Fish Taiwan Tilapia


Complicated yet Easy: Truku Weaving Culture
Jian Ching Elementary School
Haulien, Taiwan


Zuoying Water Caltrop
Jia Chang Elementary School
Kaohsiung, Taiwan


Beauteous Yami Underground Dwellings
Lang Dao Elementary School
Taitung County, Taiwan


The Little Green Elves-The Farmland Treefrog
She Tuan Primary School
Chiayi County, Taiwan


Singing the Unceasing Dream of Paiwan
Liangshan Elementary School
Pingtung County, Taiwan


Catching Breath Together ~ Making a Big Boat
Binjiang Junior High School
Taipei, Taiwan

Honorable Mention

Red Army Man Culture
Tongjiang County Experiment Middle School
Bazhong, China


Tibetan culture in Gui'de
Hedong Xiang Center School
Qing Hai, Xi Ning, China


Chinese Herb Tea
St. Paul's Secondary School
Hong Kong


Centre for International Education
Cebu City, Philippines


Food in Singapore
Hai Sing Catholic School


Smile Angel.Shi-Heng Kids
Li Chih High School
Kaohsiung, Taiwan

Honorable Mention

WoodBall Spectator
Taipei Municipal Neihu Vocational High School
Taipei City, Taiwan


The Instant Noodle Kingdom
Taipei First Girls High School
Taipei, Taiwan


Kites of Wonderful Meeting in the Wind
Yilan Dongshan Junior High School
Yilan County, Taiwan


Philosophers’ Garden
Jiuzhuang Elementary School
Taipei, Taiwan


Turkish Cuisine
Istek Vakfi Kemal Atatürk Okullari
Istanbul, Turkey


Take a Walk
The Bancroft School
Haddonfield, New Jersey, United States

CATEGORY 5: Local Attractions (Natural and Man Made) back to top  

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 CyberFair Winner - Nourish Touke, Grace Dakeng

Nourish Touke, Grace Dakeng
Yu-Jen Catholic Elementary School
Taichung, Taiwan

Wondrous Wyandotte Caves
Cannelton Elementary School
Cannelton, Indiana, United States

CyberFair Winner - Wondrous Wyandotte Caves


The Ethnographic Museum Radauti
C.N. E.Hurmuzachi
Radauti, Romania


Sanduo Shopping District
National Fengshan Senior High School
Fengshan City, Taiwan


Mackerel's Hometown: Nan-Fang-Ao
Taipei Municipal Nanhu High School
Taipei, Taiwan


Our San Diego Zoo
John Muir School
San Diego, California, United States


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Water Supply Services in Lódz
XIII Liceum Ogolnoksztalcace
Lodz, Poland


The Paradise of E Generation --- Shinkuchan
Kaoshiung Municipal SanMin Junior High School
Kaohsiung, Taiwan


Poetic Taiwan-Take the Lead on the Art of Taiwan Poetic Pathway
Jhu Pu Elementary School
Tainan County, Taiwan


The Story of a Small Town-Sanyi
Wesley Girls' High School
Taipei, Taiwan

Honorable Mention

Attractions along Guangzhou Metro
Guangdong Experimental High School
Guangdong, China


Qinghai Lake
Dacai Junior Secondary School
Qinghai, China


The Beauty Within Three Cities
University of the Philippines High School in Cebu
Cebu City, Philippines


Man Made Objects and The Environment
Yio Chu Kang Secondary School


Sungei Buluh CyberFair Project 2007
Boon Lay Secondary School


Singapore Attractions
Victoria School

Honorable Mention

The Sweet Promise Ciaotou
Kaohsiung City Hsin Chuang Senior High School
Kaohsiung, Taiwan

Jingmei Image
Ching Shin Elementary School
Taipei, Taiwan


Stride Across the Rainbow Bridge~The Past and Present of Hansi
Han Si Elementary School
Yi Lan County, Taiwan


A Dream Tribe - Unveiling the Mystery Town
Kinyang Elementary School
Yilan, Taiwan


Negro Leagues Baseball Museum
Sacred Heart Catholic School
Shawnee, Kansas, United States


Volunteer Be A Responsible Citizen
Martel Elementary School
Lewiston, Maine, United States

CATEGORY 6: Historical Landmarks back to top  


CyberFair Winner - Trails of History

Trails of History
Gimnazjum no 3
Bedzin, Poland

The Deng Yun Academy
Wen Chang Primary School
Chai-yi County, Taiwan

CyberFair Winner - The Deng Yun Academy


The Myth and Beauty of Baohe
Luzhou Elementary School
Luchou, Taiwan


Exploring the Ancient Tribe  UMA Investigation
Laiyi Shiang laiyi National Elementary School
Pingtung County, Taiwan


The Return of the Luxurious Mansion
Affiliated Experimental Elementary Taipei Municipal University of Education
Taipei, Taiwan


Antakiya Ancient City
Comprehensive School
Karakalpakstan, Hodjeyli, Uzbekistan


Entering Binggou
Taole No.1 Middle School
Ningxia Municipality, China


Heritage of Cultural Architecture – Nei-wei Lee House
ST. Dominic High School
Kaohsiung City, Taiwan


Rediscovering a Delaware Treasure: Murals of the Works Progress Administration
Smyrna High School
Smyrna, Delaware, United States


In The Middle of History and The Future
Elementary Workshop Montessori School
Wilmington, Delaware, United States

Honorable Mention

Red Liupan
Zhangyi Middle School
Ningxia, Guyuan, China


The Great Ashanti
Transcom Computer Institute
Kumasi, Ghana


Cultures United for the Future
Grafenwoehr Elementary
Armed Forces Outside Americas (AE), APO, Germany


Antique National School
Antique, San Jose, Philippines


Structures of San Pablo delos Montes
VYP-MSC High School
Laguna, San Pablo City, Philippines


Old New Steel Mill (Stara Nowa Huta)
Gimnazjum nr 39 im. J. Dietla
Krakow, Poland

Honorable Mention

Zabrze ABC-Book
Szkola Podstawowa nr 42
Silesia, Zabrze, Poland


Everlasting Historical Landmarks
Pioneer Secondary School


Welcome To Christiana, Delaware
Albert H. Jones Elementary School
Newark, Delaware, United States


Old New Castle, Delaware
George Read Middle School
New Castle, Delaware, United States


Delaware Historic Landmarks
Howard High School of Technology
Wilmington, Delaware, United States


Our Historical Heritage
Heppner High School
Heppner, Oregon, United States

CATEGORY 7: Environmental Awareness back to top  


CyberFair Winner - A Symphony of Water and Green

A Symphony of Water and Green
Dong Guang Elementary School
Kaohsiung City, Taiwan

Operation Greenhouse Effect
Taipei Municipal Bin Jiang Elementary School
Taipei, Taiwan

CyberFair Winner - Operation Greenhouse Effect


The Grace of Taiwan Amazon – Hapen Old Trail
Fushan Elementary School
Nova Scotia, Taipei County, Taiwan


Treasures at Xianji Rock
Ching Shin Junior High School
Taipei City, Taiwan


Students Against Methamphetamine
St. Paul Lutheran School
Farmington, Missouri, United States


The Fortune of Qinghai Lake
Gangcha Ethnic Secondary Vocational School
Haibei, China


The Beauty of Chihkeshan
Rui-Suei Elementary School
Hualien County, Taiwan


Hurricane Rita: Our Loss, Our Gain
Forrest K. White Middle School
Lake Charles, Louisiana, United States

Honorable Mention


Water for Live
Beishichao Middle School
Beijing, China


ph Analyse from the Hidrographycal Area of Radauti
Eudoxiu Hurmuzachi National High School
Radauti, Romania


Detoxifying Industrial Waste Water
New Town Secondary School


Honorable Mention

Fading Elysium - Saving the Wildlifes in Singapore
Raffles Girls' School (Secondary)


Singapore NEWater
Raffles Girls' Primary School


No More Flood from Typhoon Tao-Zhi in Restoring of Da-Xin Village
Dasing Primary School
Hualien, Taiwan


Livable Delaware
Wilmington, Delaware, United States

CATEGORY 8: Local Music and Art back to top  

CyberFair Winner - Handcrafting of Andijan

Handcrafting of Andijan
Specialized Boarding School # 43
Andijan, Bulakbashi, Uzbekistan

Hengchun Folk Song
Hengchun Primary School
Pingtung County, Taiwan

CyberFair Winner - Hengchun Folk Song


I-Li-sin ~The Harvest Festival of Jia-Li
Jia-Li Elementary School
Hualien County, Taiwan


Meet the Sky
Xi-hu Elementary School
Taipei, Taiwan


Cagdas Egitim Koleji
Izmir, Turkey



Huangyuan Shehuo
Huangyuan Third Middle School
Qinghai, Xining, China


The Elements: The Beauty of Isabela Through Its Tranquil Seas
Claret School of Quezon City
Quezon City, Philippines


Rishtan Ceramics for Future Generations
School 40 Parvoz
Ferghana, Uzbekistan

Honorable Mention

Mudong Folk Songs
Mudong Middle School
Chongqing, China


St. Michael the Archangel: the Patron Saint of Iliganons
Iligan City National High School
Iligan City, Philippines


Days, Which Unite
Gimnazjum nr 4
Woj slaskie, Zory, Poland


Honorable Mention

The Heroes of Hsilo – The Passing down and Innovation of Hand Puppet Show
Victoria Academy
Douliou City, Taiwan


Glory of Five Years Rite of Kuljaljau
Laiyi Shiang kuljaljau National Elementary School
Pingtung County, Taiwan (R.O.C.)


The Sky of Gilla –The Story of Gawai
Huielong Junior High and Elementary School
Taoyuan, Taiwan