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CyberFair 2003 Winners
Educate & Unite!

CyberFair engages students in powerful educational story-telling activities, which benefit students and their communities. So, enjoy your virtual journey around the globe and learn how education can unite people and communities.

Congratulations to all International Schools CyberFair 2003 students and teachers!

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Sorted by category:
  1. Local Leaders
  2. Community Groups & Special Populations
  3. Local Business
  4. Local Specialties
  5. Local Attractions (Natural & Man Made)
  6. Historical Landmarks
  7. Environmental Awareness
  8. Local Music, Art & Culture

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CATEGORY 1: Local Leaders

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 CyberFair Winner Category 1

Australian Community Leaders
Anderson's Creek Primary School
Australia, Victoria, Warrandyte

Canadian Heroes and Heroines: Past, Present and Future
St. Elizabeth Catholic School
Canada, Ontario, Ottawa

A Gardener Who Spread the Seed of Art
Dayu Elementary School
Taiwan, Hualien

Feeling Handle by Fingers, Interview Dr. Jin Ji Lee
Chen-Jou Elementary School
Taiwan, Taipei


Yang Gan-Lin, a Doctor for the Trees
Taipei Private Fu-Hsing Primary School

Taiwan, Taipei

A Devoted Friend - Dr Lislie Mickay
Tamkang High School
Taiwan, Taipei

Insect Father-Cheng Pao Lun
Taipei Municipal Shihlin Elementary School

Taiwan, Taipei

Honorable Mention
Jung-Kuei Chang's Legendry
Taipei Municipal Chung-Cheng Junior High School

Taiwan, Taipei
Honorable Mention
Fun of the Creation

Taiwan, Changhua
CATEGORY 2: Community Groups and Special Populations

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CyberFair Winner Category 2

Hawaii, a Mixing Pot of Colors
Enchanted Lake Elementary

United States, Hawaii, Kailua
The Unsung Heroes of the Japanese Occupation in Singapore and Malaysia
Singapore Chinese Girls' School


Animal Diaries
Cannelton Elementary School

United States, Indiana, Cannelton

Differing Perspectives of the Vietnam War
Dakota Meadows Middle School

United States, Minnesota , North Mankato


Ding's in Lukang - Far-Famed Family of Scholars for Generations
Lu-Kang Primary School

Taiwan, Lu-Kang Town, Chan-Hwa Hsien

Adventure of Chi-Mei Tribe
Rui-Sui Elementary Schoo
Taiwan, Hualien

Seeing Eye® Dogs
Bancroft School

United States, New Jersey, Haddonfield

Honorable Mention
The Sky of Cayama
Char-Shan Primary School

Taiwan, Chiayi
Honorable Mention

Nei-Li Junior High School Never Sleeps
Nei-Li Junior High School

Taiwan, Jungli

CATEGORY 3: Local Business

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 CyberFair Winner Category 3

St. Anne's Home
Tian-Mu Elementary School

Taiwan,Taipei City
Golden Triangle-Taiwan Hualien City’s commerce circle
Dau-shing Primary School

Taiwan, Hulien

A Shing Voyage to the World - From Hualien Harbor
Ming Yie Primary School

Taiwan, Hualien City

Institute for the Blind of Taiwan
Tou-Chien Junior High School

Taiwan, Shin Juang, Taipei County


Information Taipei
Chung Cheng Senior High School

Taiwan, Taipei

Education In Wabash County
Metropolitan School District of Wabash County

United States, Indiana, Wabash

The Recipe for a Great Community
Riverdale School

United States, New Jersey , Riverdale

Honorable Mention
Community Friends and Helpers
Martel Elementary

United States, Maine , Lewiston
Honorable Mention
Educate & Unite Through Caring Community
SJK (C) Choong Wen

Malaysia, Subang Jaya
CATEGORY 4: Local Specialties

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 CyberFair Winner Category 4

The Renovation of Hamakua Marsh
LET Academy

United States, Hawaii, Honolulu
Hong Kong Local Cuisine
Po Kok Secondary School

Hong Kong

Oh My God! The Legend of Land God
Hua-Hsing High School

Taiwan, Taipei city

The Love of Silkworm
JauNan Elementary School

Taiwan, Miaoli County


The Legendary Village of Grapes
Yuan Dou Junior High School

Taiwan, Changhua

Tastes in Taiwan
St. Paul's High School (Jr High)

Taiwan, Kaohsiung

Chihshang Rice
Mar-Lan Primary School

Taiwan, Taitung

Honorable Mention
Excellent Rice in Taiwan
Ji-Shuen Primary School

Taiwan, Haulien
Honorable Mention
The Beautiful Tobacco Houses in the Countryside
Kaohsing Municipal Hsin-Chuang High School

Taiwan, Kaohsiung
CATEGORY 5: Local Attractions (Natural and Man Made)

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CyberFair Winner Category 5

The Land Beyond the Clouds-Mountain Lera of Balon
Balung Elementary School

Taiwan, Taoyuan
Jurong Bird Park : An Exploration
Raffles Institution


Taichung Park
Yu Jen Catholic Primary School

Taiwan, Taichung

Our Case is Space
St. Joseph's Episcopal School

United States, Florida, Boynton Beach

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Sensational Singapore
Raffles Girls' School (Secondary)


Dance on the Red Bridge
Yuan Ching Elementary School

Taiwan, Chang Hua

Hong Kong - Your Destination
La Salle College

Hong Kong

Honorable Mention
Sightseeing in Tuen Mun
T.W.G.Hs. Sun Hoi Directors' College

Hong Kong
Honorable Mention

Antique’s Treasures
Antique National School

Philippines, Antique, San Jose

CATEGORY 6: Historical Landmarks

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CyberFair Winner Category 6

Grace Reappearance- Tao Tung Academy
Ho Mei Primary School

Taiwan, Chang Hua County
Journey to Singapore's Yesteryears
Victoria School


Touring to Traditional Mansions of the Lai Family
Tatsuen Junior High School

Taiwan, Changhua

The Affection Towards a Forest Farm - Molisaka's Diary
Tzu Chiang Elementary School

Taiwan, Hualien

Stories From the Streets
Master's Academy and College

Canada, Alberta, Calgary

National First-Grade Historical Structure-Lu-Kang Long-Shan Temple
Wen-Kei Elementary School

Taiwan, Chang-Hua, Lu-Kang Town

Sail Through Time on Salem's Friendship
Saltonstall School

United States, Massachusetts, Salem

Honorable Mention
Liu Gong Ditch Across History
Bo Ai Elementary School

Taiwan, Taipei
Honorable Mention
The Temple of Misery - Hsiang Hsin Tan
Private Chin Ping Sr High School

Taiwan, Taoyuan
CATEGORY 7: Environmental Awareness

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CyberFair Winner Category 7

Recycling Magic
Sanyu Elementary School

Taiwan, Taipei
The Leeds County Stewardship Peregrine Falcon Project
Athens District High School

Canada, Ontario, Athens

What Do We Know about the Kaneohe Watershed or Ahupua'a?
Mokapu Elementary School

United States, Hawaii, Kailua

Na Honu Hawaii's Sea Turtles
Kamalii Elementary School

United States, Hawaii, Kihei

Finding the Wet Paradise-Han PAO Marsh
Min Chuan Elementary School

Taiwan, Fangyuan Shiang

Tai Nan County Fossils
Ren De Junior High School

Taiwan, Tainan

Oak Park's Environmental Problems
Percy Julian Middle School

United States, Illinois , Oak Park

Honorable Mention
Oriental White Storks
Taipei Private Fu-Hsing Jr High School

Taiwan, Taipei
Honorable Mention
The Story of Florida Manatee
Sikes Elementary School

United States, Florida, Lakeland
CATEGORY 8: Local Music and Art

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CyberFair Winner Category 8 Exploring the Beauty of Chinese Characters
Hsin-Ya Primary School

Taiwan, Taipei
Wu (Chinese Martial Arts)
St. Paul's Secondary School

Hong Kong

Rush Art—Traditional Rush Weaving in Da Jia
Hunglung Primary School

Taiwan, Taichung County, Dajia Jen

Uzbek Instruments: Sounds From the Land of Uzbekistan
Tashkent International School

Uzbekistan, Tashkent

Sinulog: One Beat, One Rhythm, One Nation
Centre for International Education

Philippines, Cebu City

The Chinese Lion Dance
Da-Tsuen Elementary School

Taiwan, ChungHua County

Light up the Lanterns, Light up Your Mind
Tai-Shan Elementary School

Taiwan, Taipei County

Honorable Mention
Opus Infusion - Your Contemporary Guide to Singapore Arts
St Joseph's Institution

Honorable Mention
The Beauty from Shuttle Dancing- Atayal Weaving Art
Hualien Mlips Elementary School

Taiwan, Hualien