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CyberFair 2006 Winners!
CyberFair: Inspire and Unite!

CyberFair engages students in powerful educational story-telling activities, which benefit students and their communities. So, enjoy your virtual journey around the globe and learn how education can unite people and communities.

Congratulations to all International Schools CyberFair 2006 students and teachers!

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  1. Local Leaders
  2. Community Groups & Special Populations
  3. Local Business
  4. Local Specialties
  5. Local Attractions (Natural & Man Made)
  6. Historical Landmarks
  7. Environmental Awareness
  8. Local Music, Art & Culture

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CATEGORY 1: Local Leaders back to top  


 CyberFair - A New Home for Our City

A New Home for Our City
Scoala ELF
Cluj-Napoca, Romania

Everlasting Champion-Master
Lin Rong-chun from Traditional
Cloth-horse Formation
Li-Ming Elementary School
Yi-Lan, Taiwan

CyberFair - Everlasting Champion-Master


Miniature & Brick - Carving
Artist Chen Forng-shean
Hujiang High School
Taipei, Taiwan



National Treasure of Folk Culture Dung-Shen, Wong
Taipei Municipal Daan Senior Vocational Industrial High School
Taipei, Taiwan



Love in West Africa-
a Story of Lian Chia-en
National Experimental High School at Science-Based Industrial Park
Hsinchu, Taiwan


Andrey Petrovich Kiselyov
Voronezh Education Complex named after A. P. Kiselyov
Voronezh, Russian Federation


Devoted, Earnest, Passionate-Homegrown Artist of Formosa, Lin Chih-Hsin
Ren De Junior High School
Tainan, Taiwan


The Sweet Memory of Teresa Teng
Lu-jhou Elementary School
Taipei County, Taiwan


Expanding Obesity Shrinking Lifespan
Martel Elementary School
Lewiston, Maine, United States

Honorable Mention

The Exclamation Mark of Life-John
Jia-Chang Primary School
Kaohsiung City, Taiwan


Honorable Mention

The Angels Facing Evil Spirits
Lang Dao Elementary School
Taitung County, Taiwan


CATEGORY 2: Community Groups and Special Populations back to top  

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CyberFair - Truku Bale

Truku Bale
Hong Yeh Elementary School
Hualien, Taiwan

The Desolate Village -
Reviving the Golory of Paiwan
Jiayi Elementary School
Ping-Tung, Taiwan

CyberFair - The Desolate Village


De La Salle Zobel Social Action Office
De La Salle Zobel School
Muntinlupa City, Philippines



Mozart Everywhere
Hemei Elementary School
Changhua County, Taiwan



This is My Land
Minghu Junior High School
Taipei, Taiwan


The Feeling of Tu Nationality
Qinglin Township Tu Center School
Qinghai, China


Beyond the Silence World
Taipei Municipal Xingya Jr High School
Taipei, Taiwan


Project ALS
St. Paul Lutheran School
Farmington, Missouri, United States


CKMS EAST Class Claymation
Chiefess Kamakahelei Middle School
Lihue, Hawaii, United States

Honorable Mention

Smile with Perfect Teeth: Dental Health and Tooth Fairies at Dali
Da-li Elementary School
Taipei City, Taiwan

Honorable Mention

The Herald of Righteousness—
Yung-an Community Patrol Team
Yuan-An Primary School
Luye Township, Taitung County, Taiwan

CATEGORY 3: Local Business back to top  


 CyberFair - The Endless Steering Wheel

The Endless Steering Wheel---
San Chung Bus Co., Ltd.
Ren-ai Elementary School
Luzhou City, Taipei County, Taiwan (R.O.C.)

Taipei 101
Ren-Ai Elementary School,
Taipei City, Taiwan

CyberFair - Taipei 101


Thousand Islands Habitat For Humanity
District High School
Ontario, Athens, Canada



Research on Successful Management of a Ten Ren Tea Shop
Wesley Girl's High School
Taipei, Taiwan



Wenhua Elementary School
Taipei, Taiwan


Interviewing Taipei 101
Municipal Daan Senior Vocation Industrial Continue School
Taipei, Taiwan


A Pearl along the Shiouguruan River
Fongbin Primary School
Hualian, Taiwan


TWIG~Reaching Out
Tashkent International School
Tashkent, Uzbekistan


Businesses of Marathon, FL
Marathon High School
Marathon, Florida, United States

Honorable Mention

The Glory of Kaohsiung MRT
Kaohsiung Municipal Senior High School
Kaohsiung, Taiwan

Honorable Mention
Taoyuan Oil Refinery-
Birth of Petroleum
Da-You Junior High School
Taoyuan, Taiwan
CATEGORY 4: Local Specialties back to top  



Living Singapore:
Our Lives, Dreams, Hopes
Raffles Institution

The Story of Sweet Potato
Binjiang Junior High School
Taipei, Taiwan

CyberFair - The Story of Sweet Potato


Produkto Antiqueño
Antique National School, Antique
San Jose, Philippines:



Unforgettable Treat Sing-gang Fudge
Wen Chang Primary School
Chai-yi County, Taiwan



Taiwanese Flavor,
Taiwanese Friendliness
Xi-hu Elementary School
Taipei, Taiwan


Ningxia Pastry
Taole NO.1 Middle School
Pingluo , Ningxia, China


Dai Pai Dong and Tailor
St. Paul's Secondary School
Hong Kong


The Story of Bread
Gimnazjum nr 4, woj slaskie
Zory, Poland


The Golden Memories of a
Saxophone in Houli
Ming-Dao High School
Taichung County, Taiwan

Honorable Mention

Jian Golden Rice
Daushiang Primary School
Hualien, Taiwan


Honorable Mention

Sport and Healthcare
School no 11
Karakalpakstan, Uzbekistan


CATEGORY 5: Local Attractions (Natural and Man Made) back to top  

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 CyberFair - Discover Bucharest

Discover Bucharest
School No.191
Bucharest, Romania

Project Eagle -
An Eagle Eye on Rockford
Christian Life Schools
Rockford, Illinois, United States

CyberFair - Project Eagle


Descendant of Hundred-pace
Snakes' Honor
Lai-Yi Elementary School



Trace of the Past
Exploring Taroko's Trail
Bai chun Primary School Taiwan
Hualien, Taiwan



Journey to 101 Taipei's Manhattan
Taipei Municipal Xing Ya Elementary School
Taipei, Taiwan

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De LaSalle-Araneta University
Malabon, Philippines


Trams in Lodz
XIII Liceum Ogolnoksztalcace
Lodz, Poland


Chronicles of the Brave -
The Martyrs' Shrine
Tazhi Junior High School
Taipei, Taiwan


Painting Kaohsiung Through Time
Kuo-Kwang Laboratory School
Kaohsiung City, Taiwan

Honorable Mention

The Adventure of Little Crickets
Sin-Hua Junior High School
Tainan County, Taiwan

Honorable Mention

A Charming Skyscraper – Taipei 101
Taipei Municipal Guang Fu Primary School
Taipei, Taiwan

CATEGORY 6: Historical Landmarks back to top  


CyberFair - Reviving the Hundred-Year-Old Dust-laden Façade

Reviving the Hundred-Year-Old Dust-laden Façade –
Mansion of Scholar in Luchou Shuinan
Lu Chiang Primary School
Taipei, Taiwan

Our Flag
The Bancroft School
Haddonfield, New Jersey, United States

CyberFair - Our Flag


Roman Malta
San Andrea Senior School
Mgarr, Malta



Calles de Cebu:
Gateways To A Nation's History
University of the Philippines High School in Cebu
Cebu City, Philippines



Old Ford Motor Factory
River Valley High School


Shumen Down the Ages
Language school Nikola Yonkov Vapcarov
Shumen, Bulgaria


Ta’er Lamasery
Dacai Junior Secondary School
Qinghai, China


 Historical Landmarks of Singapore
Crescent Girls' School


 The Secrets of Taipei City Wall-Stone
Neihu Vocational High School
Taipei, Taiwan

Honorable Mention

Rivertown U.S.A. -
Cannelton, Indiana's River History
Cannelton Elementary School
Cannelton, Indiana, United States:

Honorable Mention
School #12 Kashkadarya
Karshi, Uzbekistan
CATEGORY 7: Environmental Awareness back to top  


CyberFair - Determination of Organic Compounds From the Hydrographic Basin of Radaut

Determination of Organic Compounds From the Hydrographic Basin of Radaut
Eudoxiu Hurmuzachi National High School
Radauti, Romania

Muir Students Helping San Diego
John Muir School
San Diego, California, United States

CyberFair - Muir Students Helping San Diego


Flooding or Runoff for Habitat?
The Hendrix School
Walker, Missouri, United States



Water Genies - Digital Baby's Voyage
Ruei-Fong Elementary School
Chia-Yi, Taiwan



Join the Party of Taiwanese
Endemic Plants
Da-Sing Elementary School
Chang-Hua County, Taiwan



Go With the Flow:
Water and Us in Bangladesh
American International School/Dhaka
Dhaka, Bangladesh


Las Pinas - Reviving Its Nature
St. Joseph's Academy
Las Pinas City, Philippines


Miracle of the Sugarcane Field-
Spring of the Canal
Victoria Academy, Douliou City
Yunling County, Taiwan


Exploring Nei-Go Stream
Paul Shu Senier High School
Taoyuan County, Taiwan

Honorable Mention

Our Leatherback Turtle in Danger
Curepe Presbyterian School
Curepe, Trinidad and Tobago

Honorable Mention
Let’s Save Life
Gurgaon, India
CATEGORY 8: Local Music and Art back to top  

CyberFair - Zory - Our Wonderful Artistic Fatherland

Zory - Our Wonderful Artistic Fatherland
Gymnasium Nr 2.
Zory, Poland

Dancing the Folk Sports •
Expressing the Artistic Talents
Daan Elementary School
Taipei, Taiwan

CyberFair - Dancing the Folk Sports


The Storm of Budaixi
Sandwo Elementary School
Shulin City, Taipei, Taiwan



Glory of Miaoli Traditional Kilns
Jaw Nan Elementary School
Miaoli, Taiwan



Sin-chuan-cheng, Lo-tung Fu-lang Club, The Heaven of Bei-guan
Lo-tung Elementary School



Arts of Music
Mfantsipim School
Central Region, Cape Coast, Ghana


Cebu: A Self-Portrait
Centre for International Education
Cebu City, Philippines


 Xinyao – The Music of Our Own
Singapore: Raffles Girls' School (Secondary)


Erbashuei Renaissance -
Ink Stone Carving
Fu-Shin Elementary School
Changhua County, Taiwan

Honorable Mention
Uzbek Literature
School 5
Namangan, Uzbekistan
Honorable Mention

When The Dove Sound Is Singing –
Fly Away With The Ling’s Wing
Ju Pu Elementary School
Tainan County, Taiwan