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CyberFair 2004 Winners!  
Achieve & Unite!

CyberFair engages students in powerful educational story-telling activities, which benefit students and their communities. So, enjoy your virtual journey around the globe and learn how education can unite people and communities.

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Congratulations to all International Schools CyberFair 2004 students and teachers!

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Sorted by category:
  1. Local Leaders
  2. Community Groups & Special Populations
  3. Local Business
  4. Local Specialties
  5. Local Attractions (Natural & Man Made)
  6. Historical Landmarks
  7. Environmental Awareness
  8. Local Music, Art & Culture

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CATEGORY 1: Local Leaders

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 CyberFair Winner Category 1

Mr. Tung-He Chen, Da-Kuan Resort— An Insignificant Person with Significant Vitality
Balung Elementary School
Taoyuan, Taiwan

Master LinBian-The Master of Traditional Puppet Carving
Her-bin Primary School
Kaohsiung, Taiwan

The Master of Steel Sculpture -- Liu Ting-Tusan, Kaohsiung Taiwan
Shute-Te Home Economics & Commercial High School
Kaohsiung, Taiwan

Following in the Footsteps of Shirak
Tashkent International School
Tashkent, Uzbekistan

The Batting King -Bai-Sheng Cheng
Gui-Lin Elementary School
Kaohsiung, Taiwan

Reading, Writing, Arithmetic,Recess The 4 r's of Education
Martel Elementary School
Lewiston, Maine, United States

CSI: Mankato
Dakota Meadows Middle School
North Mankato, Minnesota, United States

Honorable Mention
The King of Truku knife-maker M'mah.Yioudau
Tzu Chiang Elementary School

Hualien, Taiwan

The Story of Wu Hoe
Jhongjheng Elementary School

Chiayi County, Taiwan

Honorable Mention
Hands to make bronze scupture-FOREVER Jheng, ChunSyong
Ren De Junior High school
Tainan, Taiwan

Children's Folk Game Experts
Sinpo Elementary School
Guanyin, Taiwan

CATEGORY 2: Community Groups and Special Populations

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CyberFair Winner Category 2

The Spirit of the Mountains
Ma Yuan Elementary School
Wanrong Shiang, Hualien, Taiwan
Foreign Maids in Taiwan
Ren-Ai Elementary School
Taipei City, Taiwan

Qing, Cao Lane---Herbal Lane
Fu Hsing Middle School
Taipei, Taiwan

How We Learn
Saltonstall School
Salem, Massachusetts, United States


The Calling
STI Academy
Las Piñas City, Philippines

Tampines Home
Singapore: Raffles Institution

Genomics Decoding Star: VGH-YMU Team
Taipei Municipal Nanhu High School
Taipei, Taiwan

Honorable Mention
Exploring Lost Legend of Bazai Tribe
Affiliated Senior High School of National Chi Nan University

Nantou, Taiwan

Introduction to Kaohsiung Yimin Temple
Kaohsiung Municipal Ming-tsu Jr HS
Kaohsiung, Taiwan

Honorable Mention
Sungho Tribe - a Dreamland of Atayal
Ming-Dao High School,
Taichung County, Taiwan

Lincoln High School
Mission Bay High School

San Diego, California, United States

CATEGORY 3: Local Business

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 CyberFair Winner Cateogry 3

National Microbiology Lab
Technical Vocational High School

Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
Athens District Chamber of Commerce
Athens District High School

Athens , Ontario, Canada

Hemei Textile
Hemei Primary School

Changhua County, Taiwan

Eastern Hydro Power Station of TAIWAN
Tumgmen Primary School

Xiu-Lin Township, Taiwan

Entrepreneurs Singapore
St Joseph's Institution

He Is My Brother
Yuan-Lin Primary School
Changhua County, Taiwan

Zhongzheng Senior High School
Taipei, Taiwan

Honorable Mention
SARS – The Global Outbreak
Victoria School

Farewell to Leprosy in LSL
Sandow Elementary School
Shulin City, Taipei, Taiwan

Honorable Mention
Agriculture Taipei - Post-Modern Agriculture of Urban Area
Taipei Private Yanping High School
Taipei, Taiwan

Dream a little dream
Chin-hsueh Elementary School
Tainan, Taiwan

CATEGORY 4: Local Specialties

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 CyberFair Winner Category 4

The World of Bees
Jaw Nan Elementary School

Miaoli, Taiwan
Floral Banquet & Herbal Sky
Hualien Yi-Chang Primary School
Hualien, Taiwan


Fading Footfall—The Rise and Fall of Lujhou Clogs Industry
LuChiang Primary School
Taipei, Taiwan

The Story of Hong Kong Yao-Shan
Po Kok Secondary School
Hong Kong

Raffles Girls' School (Secondary)

Guan-Shan Bamboos
Rad Fone Elementary School
Tainan County, Taiwan

Fabulous Philly Foods
Bancroft School
Haddonfield, New Jersey, USA

Honorable Mention
Colours of Festivals in the Air
Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan Kepong Baru
Selangor Darul Ehsan, Malaysia


The Country of Eels
Tsao Gang Elementary School
Changhwa County, Taiwan

Honorable Mention
The Traditional Culture of Tea
Taipei Municipal Zhongzheng Jr HS
Taipei, Taiwan


Fallston: Sports and Agriculture
Fallston Middle School
Fallston, Maryland, USA

CATEGORY 5: Local Attractions (Natural and Man Made)

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CyberFair Winner Category 5

Spotlight on Tainan
Chien Tai Senior High School
Miaoli, Taiwan
Kaleidoscope of Singapore
CHIJ St. Nicholas Girls' School

Our Wonderful Moon Tree
Cannelton Elementary School
Cannelton , Indiana, USA

Cebu - Trippy Bai!
Centre for International Education
Cebu, Philippines

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Natural and Man Made Attractions of Australia
Anderson's Creek Primary School
Warrandyte , Victoria, Australia

Wah. Mosay
Fushan Elementary School
Fushan Village, Taipei County, Taiwan

Secluded of Wu-Lai
Taipei Municipal Tali Senior High School
Taipei, Taiwan

Honorable Mention
Discover Bucharest
School No.191
Bucharest, Romania


Bamboo Grove & Tea Garden
TaiHe Primary School
Chiayi County, Taiwan

Honorable Mention

Joyful Paradise
Kui Hui Elementary School
Taoyuan County, Taiwan


Vivid Green Carpet
Hsing-Chuang Primary School
Taipei County, Taiwan

CATEGORY 6: Historical Landmarks

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CyberFair Winner Category 6

Monuments of Riga
International School of Latvia
Jurmala, Latvia
Zamosc - World Heritage
Gimnazjum Nr 1
Zamosc, Poland

Priceless Palace with seal characters and burning incenses-Tianhou Temple in Lugang
Wen-Kei Elementary School
Lu-Kang Town, Chang-Hua County, Taiwan

Living Historic Landmark-Ciao Mt. Water Supply System
Tian-Mu Elementary School

Taipei City, Taiwan

Trees, from the beginning ~ seeing the rebirth of old trees
Shlin Elementary
Chiayi, Minsyong, Taiwan

The City's Footprint - - South-Gate Park : Before and After
Li-Ming Elementary School
Yilan City, Taiwan

Lift the Curtain of Jiali
Jiali Junior High School
Tainan County, Taiwan

Honorable Mention
Calgary's Chinatown: A Town Within a Town
Master's Academy and College

Calgary, Alberta, Canada

XIII Liceum Ogolnoksztalcace
Lodz, Poland

Honorable Mention
God of Medicine and Grains – Hsien Shen Temple
Taipei Bi-Hwa Junior High School
Taipei County, Taiwan

Hominy Ridge Picnic Shelter
Metropolitan School District
Wabash, Indiana, USA

CATEGORY 7: Environmental Awareness

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CyberFair Winner Category 7

Poribesh Bachan
International School Dhaka
Dhaka, Bangladesh
Treasures of Paradise-Endangered Animals of Hawaii
Enchanted Lake Elementary
Kailua , Hawaii, USA

The Green Chronicles
Singapore Chinese Girls' School

New Paradise of Kaohsiung - The Kaohsiung Metropolitan Park
Kaohsiung Municipal Kaohsiung Senior HS
Kaohsiung City, Taiwan

Environmental Awareness in the Florida Keys
Marathon High School
Marathon, Florida, USA

Sampaloc Lake … Paradise Lost… Paradise Reborn
VYP-MSC High School
San Pablo City, Laguna, Philippines

Our river, our dream -
The Chien-Chen River
Kaohsiung Municipal Hsing Jen Junior High School
Kaohsiung, Taiwan

Honorable Mention
Antique National School
San Jose, Antique, Philippines


Dancing butterflies – Butterfly Valley Dying Away
RUI SUI elementary school
Hua lian, Taiwan

Honorable Mention
From the Rise of Enviornmental Consciouseness to the Move of Chinese Petrolenum Corporation
Guo-gang Senior High School
Kaohsiung, Taiwan

Flying and Dancing around Shi-er Dian--A Survey of the Birdlife
An-Nan Junior High
Tainan, Taiwan

CATEGORY 8: Local Music and Art

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CyberFair Winner Category 8

24 Seasons Drum
SJK (C) Choong Wen,
Subang Jaya, Malaysia
Unique Performance of Art – Legacy in Lukang
Lugang Primary School
Lugang Jen, Changhua County, Taiwan

Cantonese Opera
St. Paul's Secondary School
Hong Kong

Flour miniatures: The traditional craft which gives dough new life
Hsien-Hsi Junior High School

Changhua County, Taiwan

Traditional Wedding
Ozel Bornova Lisesi
İzmir, Turkey

Language, Festivals and Manga of Japan
Nagoya International High School
Nagoya, Japan

A Journey into the World of Folk Prints
Yu Chang Junior High School
Kaohsiung, Taiwan

Honorable Mention

History, Make-up, Costumes and Muscical Instruments of Cantonese Opera
Oblate Fathers Primary School

Hong Kong

The World of Arts is Around Us...
School No. 82

Samara, Russian Federation

Honorable Mention

Dance with the ancestor spirits
Fengbin primary school
Hualian County, Taiwan

New Orleans Jazz Café
Holy Cross School
New Orleans, Louisiana, USA