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Congratulations to the CyberFair 1996 Winners!

Viewers are encouraged to read the Project Narrative for each school and then view their web site. The Project Narrative documents the process the school went through to establish a relationship with their community and work together build a web site.

NOTE: Due to URL changes, some links may no longer be valid.

Category 1: Local Leaders

Place School Country Ages
1st Kirby Hall School TX, USA 7-9  Project Narrative
2nd RCS Netherwood NB, Canada 11-13  Project Narrative
3rd Paterson High School EC, South Africa 15-18  Project Narrative
Honorable Mentions
4th James Monroe Elementary School VA, USA 9-11  Project Narrative
5th Reed Elementary TX, USA 11-12  Project Narrative

Category 2: Community Groups and Special Populations

Place School Country Ages
1st Rancho Buena Vista High School CA, USA 16-18  Project Narrative
2nd Ligon GT Magnet Middle School North Carolina, USA 10-15  Project Narrative
3rd Fahan School Tasmania, Australia 8-9  Project Narrative
Honorable Mentions
4th Kloofwaters School South Africa 12-18  Project Narrative
5th Ecole Macneill Manitoba, Canada 10-12  Project Narrative
6th Lovejoy Middle School GA, USA 12-14  Project Narrative

Category 3: Business and Community Organizations

 Project Narrative
Place School Country Ages
1st Erving Elementary School MA, USA 10-12
2nd North Surrey Secondary British Columbia, Canada 15-17  Project Narrative
3rd Addison Elementary School OH, USA 9-10  Project Narrative
Honorable Mentions
4th Jefferson Midddle School CA, USA 11-14  Project Narrative
5th Corona Ave. School CA, USA 8-12  Project Narrative
6th Palm Middle School CA, USA 11-14  Project Narrative

Category 4: Local Specialties

Place School Country Ages
1st St. George's Preparatory Bermuda 5-12  Project Narrative
2nd St. Mary's International School Japan 14-18  Project Narrative
3rd Lincoln Middle School WY, USA 11-13  Project Narrative
Honorable Mentions
4th Elsie H. Wilcox and Arlington Elementary Schools HI, USA 9-12  Project Narrative
5th Los Alamos HIgh School NM, USA 14-18  Project Narrative
6th South Bristol School ME, USA 9-13  Project Narrative

Category 5: Local Attractions

Place School Country Ages
1st Cape Town High School ZA South Africa 15-17  Project Narrative
2nd St. Martha Elementary School MI, USA 8-10  Project Narrative
3rd Waianae High School HI, USA 16-18  Project Narrative
Honorable Mentions
4th Bastrop High School TX, USA 17-18  Project Narrative
5th Eastview Community School Alberta, Canada 11-14  Project Narrative
6th Curtis Middle School TX, USA 13-15  Project Narrative

Category 6: Historical Landmarks

Place School Country Ages
1st Theo. Roosevelt #43 NY, USA 6-12  Project Narrative
2nd Citta' dei Ragazzi - Boys' Town of Rome Italy 12-18  Project Narrative
3rd Pleasant Hill School IL, USA 12-14  Project Narrative
Honorable Mentions
4th Ardis Elementary School Michigan, USA 8-10  Project Narrative
5th Karnes City JH TX, USA 11-14  Project Narrative
6th Sweden-Finnish School Sweden 11-14  Project Narrative

Category 7: Environmental Awareness

Place School Country Ages
1st Academy for the Advancement of Science and Technology NJ, USA 15-17  Project Narrative
2nd Elanora Heights Primary School NSW, Australia 5-12  Project Narrative
3rd Adelaar Highschool Gauteng, South Africa 15-17  Project Narrative
Honorable Mentions
4th Eltham College Victoria, Australia 10-16  Project Narrative
5th Sunrise Middle School Florida, USA 12-13  Project Narrative
6th Hollister School CA, USA 7-10  Project Narrative